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Uganda Marks 8th Annual Regional Pro Bono Day

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Uganda Marks 8th Annual Regional Pro Bono Day

The term Pro bono refers to a professional service offered for the good of the public, usually to people who are unable to afford it. As the legal fraternity today celebrates the 8th Annual Pro Bono Day, Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa, the Executive Director of Legal Aid Service Provider’s Network (LASPNET) explains what their work entails, their accomplishments and their vision for the future

What is LASPNET and how has it contributed towards advancing access to justice in Uganda?

Legal Aid Service Provider’s Network (LASPNET) is a network that was established in 2004. It is composed of over 52 nongovernment organizations spread over 70 districts across Uganda. We provide free legal services, sensitization and empowerment of communities on legal and human rights issues. The Network provides a collaborative platform for research, documentation and advocacy for Legal aid and access to Justice. The Network also builds capacity and coordination of the member organizations to ensure services are not duplicated.

What is Pro Bono and the legal framework governing it in Uganda?

Professional legal aid services or work undertaken by a lawyer or an advocate voluntarily and without payment or at a low cost to the vulnerable, poor and underprivileged persons. This service is premised under the Advocates Act Cap 267 and the Advocates (Pro-bono services to the indigents Persons) Regulations, 2007 which requires advocates to offer 40 hours of their time annually to do Pro-bono work.






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