Mbidde launches bid for SC Villa presidency

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 23rd June 2018 10:56 AM

He will have to contend with an electoral process that he says is flawed

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He will have to contend with an electoral process that he says is flawed

Sports Broadcasting managing director and former FUFA vice president, Dennis Mbidde, has promised to lay a four-year foundation for SC Villa that will propel the club to greater heights for the next 40 years.

Mbidde on Friday officially declared his candidature for the Villa presidency joining incumbent Ben Misagga, Edgar Agaba, Muhammad Bazilengedde and former player Gibby Kalule.

“I have come to make and lay a foundation for Villa as a champion on and off the pitch. Villa has gotten the first professional president with a profile to back him and experience and expertise of football and sports management and administration,” Mbidde said.

Apart from solving the Villa’s ownership issues by giving and granting each fan a share at sh100,000, Mbidde promised to be the first SC Villa president to build a stadium for the club, an office, a club house and bring a profitable balance sheet to the congress, on top of ensuring corporate governance.

He also vowed to call the congress in line with the constitution within the timeframe given and also introduce Villa TV and become the first club to win the African club championship.

He said currently, the team has 15,000 fans from whom he hopes to raise sh1.5b through the sale of shares so that the ownership question is sorted.

“Villa will have an annual budget of sh9.825bn based on 100 branches each made of a minimum of 150 people. Shares will collect sh1.5bn; membership will collect sh450m, gate collection sh2.25bn, sh5.475bn, sponsorship sh1bn, and merchandising sh150m,” Mbidde stated.

bidde poses with fans after launching his manifesto hoto by ichael subugaMbidde poses with fans after launching his manifesto. Photo by Michael Nsubuga


Campaigning under the slogan ‘Share Yo; Share Yaffe’, Mbidde said during his tenure Villa will also venture into other sports to ensure they are a true sports club by venturing into women football, basketball, boxing and athletics

“We are thinking big, Villa is a winning club, and it is possible, it can be done. The Villa ownership is not in question. Villa is a fans club in belief, faith and in fact but it has to be made legal. The fans have managed, stood and supported this club through thick and thin,”

But Mbidde will have to contend with an electoral process that he says is flawed and has seen the incumbent appoint an electoral and the appeals committee without consent of the voters or the congress.

But on that, he breathed fire and vowed to thrash and deal with anyone that does not want Villa to progress.

“This is not time for jokes and we are ready to shed blood if need be for this club. SC Villa is not a Masaka team but a community one and all the other past leaders can’t be happy when the club is in shambles,” he said.

He said the true Villa fans will elect their new president on July 12 and that they will not accept any other election after that although the Misagga appointed committee indicates July 14 in Masaka as the election date.

He also promised to return Villa’s footballing identity that was known for the physicality of its players, registering and growing the quantity and quality of fans within the country and region to achieve 100,000 registered fans and create an online presence for them.

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