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Famine looms Katakwi, residents cry for relief

By Alexander Okori

Added 15th June 2018 10:19 AM

Among the most hit sub-counties include Ngariam, Magoro, Omodoi, Palama and Usuku.

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Among the most hit sub-counties include Ngariam, Magoro, Omodoi, Palama and Usuku.

PIC: LC1 katakwi, Peter Okiwi in one of his gardens that have been affected by floods. (Credit: Alexander Okori)
KATAKWI - Famine looms Katakwi district as floods have ravaged five sub-counties, leaving an estimate over 18000 hectares of different crops, 680 households and pit latrines submerged by water.
Among the most hit sub-counties include Ngariam, Magoro, Omodoi, Palama and Usuku.
The floods have left household property worth millions of shillings destroyed and crops in gardens at harvesting stage sub-merged,to bring about famine.
“We cannot even risk entering soaked pit latrines because one can end up falling inside,” James Ariko a resident of Kipinyang village one of the most hit villages in Magoro sub-county said.
Ariko said mud and wattle houses have been left on the ground, while semi-permanent ones have been weakened with visible cracks that put lives of the families in danger.
Joseph Opus alias Opupuu of Omodoi sub-county said floods have been caused by the heavy down pour that is pounding area day and night that has forced Lake Bisina and other rivers to burst its banks hence causing floods.
“Farmers were happy when rains returned early in March, but it has become too much hence floods which have made our lives more miserable," he added.
Recounting their suffering, Opus said they cannot sleep because all the beddings are wet and others have been swept away.
Mary Adeke a mother of seven children resident of Ogugut village in Ngariam sub-county told New Vision that the rain is too much, adding that people may need Noah’s ark to save our children from being swept away.
She said even the water sources are now contaminated due to poor disposal of human excretion.
“The Government and other concerned leaders should intervene before cholera outbreak hits the district again” she appealed.
Hellen Laboroto whose three hectares of Cassava and two huts have been washed away by floods, lashed at the district leaders and area members of Parliament Violet Akurut Adom, Joseph Koluo of Toroma County and Peter Ogwang (Usuk County) for neglecting their electorates while in need.
She regretted having elected them to Parliament because they lack lobbying skills.
“People have been crying for floods but leaders have been silent one has even visited the affected areas, they are their sited in their offices enjoying cool air while people who elected them are suffering with raging flood water” said Alaboroto with tears rolling down her checks.
The LCV chairperson Walter Elakas Okiring said he has directed the LC1 and LC3 chairpersons to compile the data detailing the damage caused by floods and sub-mit to his office.
According to Elakas, that data once sub-mitted to his office will be sent to the office of the Prime minister for relief.
The district boss appealed to the area members of Parliament to approach the office of the prime minister for relief, adding that the most needed items include tarpaulins, water purification tablets, food, and medicine.
He revealed that one lives has been lost so far since the rains started , adding that section of the community roads that links farmers to various markets within the district have become impassable flooding raging floods.
Newvsion visited the affected sub-counties and farmers were seen standing by their flooded gardens in shock and silence as they watched their submerged food crops.


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