Churches reject sexuality education in school

Jun 04, 2018

The Church said until they are availed with a copy of the document, the sexuality education will not be allowed in Church schools.

Thomas Edison Irigei from Kumi diocese, Archbishop Odama with secretary general  UJCC Constantine Mbonabingi addressing the press during a press briefing at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel Rubaga on June 1. (Credit: Godiver Asege)
KAMPALA- Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) has rejected the inclusion of sexuality education in church schools, saying they have no knowledge about the subject.
In a statement issued by the Gulu Archbishop John Baptist Odama, the Church was not availed with copies of the recently launched national framework on the matter.
"The assembly of churches reiterates that the they take a firm stand in the issue of sexuality education by making it publicly clear that it does not support including this as part of the curriculum in the Church schools," Odama said.
The primate revealed this during the UJCC annual general assembly held at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Rubaga on Friday.
He added that UJCC would constructively engage with the Government to ensure that the position of the Church is taken into consideration.
"We recommend that bishops be provided copies of the sexuality education framework to review and develop a report on the issue," he advised.
Sexuality education has been a controversial issue in Uganda over the past years. In 2016, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development banned comprehensive sexuality education in schools.
The ministry's ban came after the discovery of sexual reproductive health books in more than 100 schools that included ‘sexual orientation and a non-negative portrayal of masturbation.'
The ban was buttressed by Parliament with legislators unanimously passing a resolution to ban comprehensive sexuality education. Legislators called upon the President to come out and speak against sexuality education.
Last month, the Government released a policy to guide all stakeholders teaching sexuality education in institutions of learning.
The education minister, Janet Museveni, said they rejected Comprehensive Sexuality Education concept which targeted schools as recruitment grounds for homosexuality and claimed that it undermined the country's values.
Instead, the Government has formulated the National Sexuality Education framework which will now guide the teaching of sexuality education in institutions of learning.
The Church said until they are availed with a copy of the document, the sexuality education will not be allowed in Church schools.
The Church also emphasised the enforcement of the ban on holiday coaching and extra time for teaching where the ministry states that classes start from 8:00 and end at 5:00pm.
"Children should not be allowed to start school very early, some start from 6:00am and end late," Odama said.
Rt. Rev Thomas Irigei of Kumi Diocese asked the Government for funding so that the Church can extend social services to the people in the rural areas.
"We ask the Government to include the Church in the budgetary provisions to cater for the needs of the poor that shall be administered by each member church of UJCC," he said.
On land grabbing, the statement said that UJCC has a committee handling land matters and it should take keen interest in the recommendations by the commission of inquiry into land issues in Uganda to ensure that the interests of the Church are taken into consideration.


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