Manafwa: Strange disease kills eight children

By Maria Wamala

Added 24th May 2018 06:41 AM

The doctors have not given any definite cause of the disease.

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The doctors have not given any definite cause of the disease.

PIC: Fourteen children, in three sub-counties have been affected by the strange disease. (File photo)
MANAFWA - A strange disease is killing children in Manafwa district, in Eastern Uganda Rose Mutonyi, MP (Bubulo East) told parliament on Wednesday.
While raising a matter of national concern in plenary, she said that, “There is a strange disease ravaging Manafwa district. It attacks the children and they urinate blood.” She said.
Mutonyi told legislators that it started like a simple matter but with time, it proved to be serious issue.
Research has been done in three sub counties of Bukusu, Nabutoola and Bugobelo.
“Fourteen children have been affected in these three sub counties, eight of them have died and six are in hospital struggling for their lives,” Mutonyi said, adding that of the fourteen, one family has lost two children and one is still sick.
MP Bubulo East, Rose Mutonyi, raises the matter of a strange disease that is killing children in Manafwa during plenary on Wednesday. (Credit: Maria Wamala)
According to the medical interpretation on the victims who have gone to hospitals.
Mutonyi said that, “Doctors say it is a fever, but a fever that results into child passing urine throughout is worrying.”
Although these cases have been reported in a number of sub counties, most cases have been reported in; Bukusu, Nabutoola and Bugobelo sub counties, Mutonyi said adding that the doctors have not given any definite cause of the disease.
She urged the Ministry of Health to carry out verification and provide a solution to save the children.
Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga gave the health ministry up to next week to report on the strange disease.
“We ask the Ministry to investigate the situation and if it is something that is going to spread all over the country, then we should be ready.” Kadaga said. Manafwa

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