Holy Cross Fathers to man Kkonge - Lukuli

By Mathias Mazinga

Added 22nd May 2018 09:40 AM

'Today I announce St Dennis Ssebuggwawo, Kkonge-Lukuli as a parish of Kampala Archdiocese'

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'Today I announce St Dennis Ssebuggwawo, Kkonge-Lukuli as a parish of Kampala Archdiocese'

PIC: Archbishop Lwanga, wearing mitre, with the clergy and one of the couples he wed at Kkonge-Lukuli Catholic sub-parish on Sunday. (Credit: Mathias Mazinga)


NEW PARISH CHURCH- The proposed Catholic parish of St Dennis Ssebuggwawo, Kkonge-Lukuli, will be managed by the Holy Cross Fathers. This was announced by the Archbishop of Kampala, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. He was presiding over the sub-parish’s 55th anniversary celebrations that took place at the Church at Kkonge-Lukuli, in Makindye Division, on Sunday May 20.

“Sometime back, you the Christians of this sub-parish wrote to me a letter requesting me to elevate the sub-parish to a fully-fledged parish. Your parish-priest, Fr Achilles Mayanja assured me that you are very passionate about your parish.”

“Today I announce St Dennis Ssebuggwawo, Kkonge-Lukuli as a parish of Kampala Archdiocese. I have also appointed the Holy Cross Fathers to manage it. Please work harmoniously with them to advance the kingdom of God,” Lwanga said.

There was nonetheless some drama when the Christians learnt that Lwanga was not going to inaugurate the new parish as many of them had come expecting. The prelate argued that there were some crucial canonical requirements that the sub-parish had not yet fulfilled, which was why it could not be inaugurated.

 “When I was replying to your letter, I stated the prerequisites for the establishment of an ecclesiastical parish. As of now, the Superior General of the Holy Cross Fathers has not yet given us the parish-priest. We have also not come up with clear boundaries of the proposed parish. The moment we are given the parish-priest, I shall inaugurate the parish,” Lwanga said, provoking thunderous cheers from the congregation.

 Archbishop Lwanga, with mitre, greets Sepiranza Nankya, the widow of Francis Kibalama, who donated the land on which Kkonge-Lukuli Catholic Church sits. (Credit: Mathias Mazinga)

Lwanga later commended the Christians of Kkonge-Lukuli for their love and commitment to their sub-parish as evidenced by the enormous holistic projects that they had put in place, in particular, the four-level multi-purpose building. He asked the Christians to keep up their commitment and solidarity even after the inauguration of the parish.

The managing director of Centenary Bank, Fabian Kasi, the secretary general of FDC, Geoffrey Ekanya and the Makindye Division Mayor, Kasirye Nganda Mulyannyama, were among the prominent people who graced the function.

The Holy Cross Fathers were represented by William Gyagenda Ssajjalyayesu, Fr Francis Mukasa and Fr Leonard Olobo.

Also present was Lady Sepiranza Nankya, widow of Francis Kibalama, who donated the land on which the sub-parish Church sits. During the function, Lwanga also wed two couples.

About the Holy Cross Fathers

The Holy Cross Fathers are one of the many Catholic religious institutes that work in Kampala Archdiocese and other dioceses in Uganda. They are most known for their dynamic and prayer ministries. They currently have their headquarters at McCauley House, Nsambya.

 The choir of Kkonge-Lukuli sub-parish animating the thanksgiving mass on Sunday. (Credit: Mathias Mazinga)


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