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Your Mother's Day tributes

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It is a special day to honour and celebrate our mothers, living and dead, motherhood, maternal bonds, as well as other influential mother-like figures in our lives

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It is a special day to honour and celebrate our mothers, living and dead, motherhood, maternal bonds, as well as other influential mother-like figures in our lives



My mother is the strongest women I have ever seen. She is always ready to pass through anything with me, no matter how hard it may seem. She is my heroine. Whenever I have trepidation for a D-day she always encourages me to just go for it like a warrior. I remember the day I had to go and pitch a business idea and I was scared, but she just told me one of her stories and I got encouraged to go for it.

Shalom Nanyonga 


My mother is the most amazing woman in my life and inspires me. I do not call her mummy, but I call her my sister and my best friend, because she has been there for my siblings and I in the most challenging of times. Being a widow with four boys, you would think she would not manage to raise us to where we are right now. Mother, thank you for being a symbol of hope and faith. Happy Mother’s Day.

Moses Amutuhaire 


Mom, from the day you gave birth to me, you have always been by my side through thick and thin. We did not have much as a family, but from the odd jobs you did, you managed to provide what I needed at that time. I will forever be grateful to you mom. You are my best friend, my greatest gift from God and a genuine shoulder for me to cry on in the middle of a storm. For everything you have been through to raise me into the woman I am now, there is nothing that I will not do for you mom. Whenever I get down on my knees to talk to the Almighty, I always request Him to give you life in abundance. Love you mom, always and forever!

Phionah Matovu 


Dear mother, thank you for all the things you denied yourself to make my life the best and for the laughs you have given me, especially the ones that bring tears to our eyes. Thank you, also, for all the tears. The hard times are what made us this close. Above all, thank you for finding the perfect balance of mother and friend. So many people go through life with a mom who is constantly trying to be a friend and not a mother. So many more have a mom who is strictly an authority figure to them and nothing more. I have been blessed to have the best of both worlds. As I get older, we become even better friends, but I know you will also always be my momma. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Phiona Nassozi 


You are the true definition of a mother. The hands that held me first are still the ones that hold me when I feel lost and I am forever grateful for you, for all of those things that you did not have to do for me, I thank you. You scarified your happiness for our wellbeing. There are not enough words to describe how important you are in my life and you continue to influence how I live mine. I love you so much mother.

Namuddu Saudah 


My mother. Two simple words yet humble, passionate and at the same time so dear. You, who is my source of all joy, happiness, blessings and my absolute hero. I wonder if I have ever thanked you for the simple things, smiles, laughter and quiet times we shared. For accepting me in both times of joy and defeat. Mummy, thank you for teaching me the values of hard work, honesty, confidence and above all, religion, as it is the source of all other principles in my life. You are the best mum ever, you cook the best food and you even sacrifice your own share for my sake. I love you. Words cannot express how special you are and that is why God gave you the ability to bring me to this world, because he knew you would not only stop at that, but also love me unconditionally. My mummy, my beautiful mummy.

Akello Caroline 


Dear mum, thank you for labouring and raising us. Please accept our love and thanks for taking care of me when I was pregnant. Thanks for loving your grandson Elmer Jeremiah and may God bless you my sweet mother. I will always love u.

Peace Kainza 


Really there is no simple way of thanking my mother for whatever she has done. She is the one who keeps praying to God so that I can overcome my difficulties. She keeps awake the whole night when am sick. She always tries cooking something new so that I can eat varieties. She worries for my exams more than I do. She always complains that I do not eat a lot no matter how much I eat. I thank my mother for whatever she has done till now, and what she will keep doing.

Khushi Kothari 


Dearest mother, you rock the world. You have such a special heart. You are a great teacher, friend, confidant, disciplinarian and all good things there is to say. Thank you for all you do to paint a smile on me, my siblings as well as our father. I am blessed to have you. I love you a lot. God bless you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Liz Nyende  


When I was young you suffered for me. We went from door to door plaiting hair for survival and even ate buns for supper, but as they say, we became winners. Even when we do not leave together anymore, you are forever in my heart. My dream is to see you the happiest mum ever. I love you mummy.

Oscar Mugasha


Words fail me every time I get to think about you. I know this is a tribute for Mother's Day but how can I not celebrate you every day. To me you are just not mummy; you are much more than that. You are a friend, a confidant, my twin you are the big sister I never had.

I have learned a lot just by observing you. And with that I know I can’t fail in this life. You have taught me that sometimes it’s not always about me. You’ve taught me to always see the best in people even when nothing around seems to say so.

Your love for family has always brought me to tears mummy. I am reminded of the time dad was ill for over one year, but I saw you daily wake up to him and us, working hard to keep the smiles on our faces as children. Also the time the previous owner of the house gave dad fake documents after a transaction and the bank came after it. We were young, but I remember that you stood by him, and your marriage has remained strong and steadfast. When I get married someday, I hope to have a bond stronger and steady with my partners as you have.

Mummy, thanks for all the patience and sacrifice in keeping the family together. We are so blessed not to experience the pain of a divorced family because you have worked so hard to keep the marriage safe and strong. These days us and many more couples need to learn from both of you on how to make a marriage successful for so many years. Because of your sacrifices and commitment to make things work out, we are able to enjoy the blessing and bliss of having a happy family. Most kids find it hard to figure out what they truly want their future to look like. For us, we have known what we want our future to look like – just like your present. Despite all the years, we often all have drawbacks and make mistakes sometimes. Nobody is perfect. But you, mummy have a unique ability to see only the best in each other. That’s why our family is so strong. And it forever will be.

Happiest mother’s day most awesome mother, Mrs Jane Bigombe.

Comfort Asingwire Bigombe 


In our journeys of life, we receive gifts and GIFTS. Only that with our human nature, we take long to realize the difference and appreciate accordingly. Daria Wamala, you are such a GIFT I have grown up to appreciate from day one up to now. It is not merely because you are a mother like any other, but because of the extra mile manoeuvre you rendered to see me reach here, be in academics, health and all other basic needs of life, and you’ve tirelessly kept on providing me with that love even after I reached an adult stage.

The little promise I make to you is that “I will never let you down,” then keep there for me until then.

I look forward to celebrate this opportunity of Mothers’ Day lunch with you as I ever love to see you smile before me. I celebrate you mum.

Mansuetus Asiimwe 


She is my heroine because she is always saving me, protecting me and watching over me.

She is my teacher because she is always teaching me life lessons and correcting me only because she loves me and wants me to grow upright.

She is independent because she follows her own passions and doesn't care what anyone thinks or says about it.

She is always smiling even though a thousand enemies are against her.

She treasures education because she got where she is through it and she wants me to find my way through it too.

She is my shelter because I ran to her for protection against the harsh world.

She is brave because she has never shown her breakdown she has always stood strong.

She is a fighter because she never gave up on something she knew was worth fighting for.

She is a legend because she makes sure that she leaves a legacy for me to remember.

She is a true friend because she is always there when I feel lonely and sad she will give me a shoulder to cry on.

She is my saviour because she carries all of my burdens and troubles all on her shoulders.

When she brought me into this world by her, she promised me that we would take on this life's journey together but now she is so far away and I am missing her.

A wish upon a shooting star is not worth anything if it's not about her.

She is a one in a million and can never be replaced even by the finest riches that can be offered.

Even though she is a heroine, teacher, fighter, legend, true friend and a saviour she is also a mother.

Mothers can be so much more than we could ever imagine but we only realise how much they have done for us when they are gone and wish that we could have second chances with them. And you will start to realize that they are your world and life is meaningless without her. So why not spend the little time you and your mum have and make it the most memorable in her whole life. My mum Christine is beyond compare and indeed a one in a million. And this year I would love to dedicate it to her for her hard work and for how much she has done for because she deserves it. Happy Mother's Day and may it be a one to remember.

Isabella Anena


My mother, my countless blessing!

Who endured the pains of my birth?

And backed my infant body? 

Who watched me grow up?

My mother, my countless blessing!


Who taught my infant hands to work hard? 

My mouth to utter truthfulness,

And walk in the right path?


My mother? Who spent sleepless nights that she could earn extra and save a penny for my school dues, and should sickness strike?

Thee always near, to hold me so dear, your smile so tender, to guide my path, my mother? 

The sunshine that lights my way.


And when sickness struck, 

Who gazed upon my death bed? 

And shed tears for fear that I could die?


Oh, no! And as thee ages, 

May God’s hand guide me, spare my life,

To be affectionate to thee,

Who was so very kind to me?

My mother? My countless blessing!

 Barungi Hellen


Though you physically departed from me, I shall forever hold you in high esteem for your contribution to what I am in my life. Every other day, I treasure the precious memories of a loving, kind, nurturing good listener, supportive and always with a soft landing spot.

Phatma Ndahura


Thank you mum, Anne Kiyingi, for taking care of us since dad passed away 25 years ago. We are immensely indebted to you for the love, care, support and sacrifice that you have given us over the years. Thank you for being very selfless when taking care of us, for raising us as God fearing, morally upright and loving children. May God abundantly bless your heart with all its desires and above all, a long and healthy life. Happy Mother’s Day from Deo, Dennis, Dorothy and grandchildren Michael, Raymond, Daniella, Dalton and Lucia.

Dorothy Nalukwata Mugamba


From the very moment I was born, you insisted that I was myself and not an extension of you and Dad - that I had not come into existence simply for you to organise or even to love. Dear Mum, thank you for giving me the freedom to love you. Thank you for being interested - but never prying. For being loving - never drowning me in love. For building me a nest - but letting me fly free.

You made hard times seem good times, faked food portions at dinner so that everyone got a little more, persuaded me that living in a dirty village was exciting, sang me a lullaby to make me sleep, taught me the very first words of my mother language, only cried a little when I broke the best pot and let me grow up and fly free.

Your love was and is still the fuel that enables me to do the impossible. I remember you in the kitchen, apron wrapped and waiting for me from school. The years have changed us but brought us closer. I'll always love you mum.

Leonard Muhaise


I love and treasure u so much mummy. Despite the rough paths you must take because of being a mother, you never give up on me because you love me truly. Words can never be sufficient in explaining how much you mean to me but one day I will show you just how much I love you. Happy Mother’s Day

Dalton Muhumuza


I love you so much my beautiful mother.

Jacob Emudox



I love this photo. Copiously. Profusely. To anyone else, it is probably just another poorly taken photograph; nothing pretty there. For me, this particular photo represents my struggle; it reminds me of who I am, where I am from and where I am going. More importantly though, it represents the woman on whose shoulders I stand, the woman that has given her all to see me become the person I am today.

For quite a large part of my secondary school, I was plagued by insecurities and shame over who I was. I was in one of the prestigious schools in the country and that meant that the majority of the students were kids from rich backgrounds: kids who had what they wanted, when they wanted it. I remember constantly plaguing my mother with demands of new clothes and shoes, most times not because I actually needed them but because I wanted to fit in. Other parents were buying their kids these things every term, so I figured mine could do the same for me. My father was tough back then and so it was mum that always bore the brunt of my incessant complaints. I remember being ashamed of the fact that while other mothers drove into the school compound, their car boots full of supermarket packaged grub, mine would walk in on foot with one of those Nigerian bags (like the one in the photo) carrying the few things that would be my grub till the term’s end. In my desire to have more than I had, I was blinded to the innumerable sacrifices that my mother had had to endure just so I could be where I was. I didn’t stop to think that this was a woman, who even though didn’t have much, always offered all she had to her children. Yes, she didn’t come driving a Mercedes or carrying Shoprite shopping bags but she came with what she had: her love. My mother has given all the love she can offer, she has given me her time, her attention and her life.

I am a full grown woman of 23 years now but to my mum, I am still her baby; her last born child. My mother has taught me the meaning of strength, sacrifice and humility. She has taught me to smile at life’s challenges and to seek God continually. Most of all, she has taught me to be proud of who I am, to embrace the beauty in my story and to understand the uniqueness in it. Each time I think of my mother, I am encouraged to push on a little longer and work a little harder. I know she is proud of me but I want to make her even prouder. Allow me borrow Jodi Picoult’s words: “My Mother: She is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”

Happy Mothers’ Day to my mother, Mrs. Damalie N Kimono. I love you!

Suzan Joan Khainza 


If you want to heal the world, go home and love your family, your words are heroic. Big love.

Deogracious Luyirika


Dear Mama,

Words alone can never explain what you are to me. And I mean it when I say you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You have been patient enough to nurture me into what I have become.

Despite the fallouts over childish behaviour, teenage crises and adult misunderstandings, no love is lost. You are the definition of tough love and I appreciate that now. I wish I could give back for all you have done for me, but love is all I have to give. 

From the bottom of my heart, I cherish all the moments shared in good and bad times.

If I were to describe you in one word, you would be my heroine because since I can remember, you have always been loving, caring, and a shoulder to cry on, to mention a few.  God truly blessed me with you.

With you as my mother, I cannot ask for more. Thank you for being who you are. Lots of love.

Joanitah Nangobi 


You taught me how to walk, how to eat, talk, took me to school and even taught me how to become a real lady when I grow up. l am now 17 years old and you still look at me as that little girl who always ran to you when I was scared. I am so grateful for all the sacrifices that you made for me and the efforts you put in, to make me get to where I am today because I know it was not easy. You still struggled through all the hardships to see me become the Beatrice I am today. I stand proud to tell the world that you are the lady who gave life to me. I adore you because you are my motivator, my role model and my greatest inspiration. I love you so much and I can go to the moon and back just for you my greatest woman. I love you so much. God bless you and may you live to see me become one of the greatest doctors so I can make you the proudest lady ever. I love you so much

Beatrice Roylyn Kansiime 


My constant
If I had to make a choice 
While still in the realms of heaven
I'd still choose you!
She's more than just a woman
She's more than the rib that protects my heart from getting hurt
She's more than the back bone that holds me up
She's my constant!
Said more prayers for me than she has said for herself
A tireless worker
To ensure I have a better life
Than she has ever lived
I'd rather stand her hailstorm
Than anyone's sunshine
To the world she's one person
To me she's my whole world
The best gift God has ever given me
Happy Mother's Day mom 

Bernice Mulage 


Mother who gives life

The one who taught me how to live

In the world full of grief

If there were no mothers, no reason to love

Mother, life without you isn't the same.

The beginning of humanity and hope

The ending of stress and injustice

The raise of a smile and wealth

The end of my shame and insecurity

My mentor and assistant

My Jackpot and my dream remainder

We love you mother

Stay alive.

Brenda Ankunda


My mum my everything. She has been there for me in all times. Even when I disappointed her with my S6 results, she still stood by me. God bless you my mum.

She has really endured a lot, waiting for the school bus at 4am. Long live my mama and may God bless you and enlighten your future plans, and give you more life to raise my young children.

Hilda Musoke Nampina 


My mum is the best mum in this world. She is not only a mother, but also a friend and a caring one. She was there for me and she still is.

She struggled and took me to school up to university, and now, I am living a good life because she tirelessly did it for me. Her love is endless.

Happy Mother's Day dear Ms Florence Nakalema of Ssaza, Masaka

Saava Paul Kisekka

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