A look back at Blankets and Wine 2018

By Joseph Kizza

Added 11th May 2018 06:18 PM

Food, fashion and fun is what Blankets and Wine is all about. The 19th edition was exactly that.

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Food, fashion and fun is what Blankets and Wine is all about. The 19th edition was exactly that.


By Joseph Kizza
(Photos by Miriam Namutebi)

KAMPALA - Once again, it was that day of the year - when mats are rolled out and drinks of all genes are allowed to flow with the same kind of generosity that God provides His oxygen.

A day of fashion statements, food and loads of fun.

An aura of varied social interaction and entertainment.

Yes, that's excatly what the 19th edition of Blankets and Wine impressed on expectant revellers' minds in the buildup - and how it delivered on its promise when the event finally came to pass!

But in case you missed out, here is a  a flashback of what happened last Sunday at Lugogo Cricket Oval.


They came to conquer.

Well, they came, they saw, and they, uhm, conquered.





It takes two to tango, right?

But it in this context, and in a more positive application of the above idiomatic expression, it had to take two patrons to drag that mat on the Cricket Oval turf all the way to their desired spot of settlement.

Good idea ladies!





The mighty Flood was coming and in the buildup to the looming disaster, the biblical animals marched into the assured safety of Noah's gigantic ark - two (of every kind) at a time.

But at Lugogo (eons since the Flood), entry wasn't limited to twos. Some came in threes - and with an air of confidence with that.






Others marched in solo.

By the way, personally, I loved the print attire. Well, and whatever else came with it, duh!





Some patrons appeared not to have fancied the idea of sitting down on mats. So, they carried along their portable seats.

In the background meanwhile, some people assumed strategic positions at the grilling point - where all the fire crackled and the aroma-filled smoke teased hungry taste buds.





Oh wait a sec. Was that mat that heavy it merited a pair of two manly hands?

Anyways, who cares? As long as it kept the conversation flowing.





Reunions were made here and there.

Generally, there was plenty of catching up to do for some patrons.






Told you already that Blankets and Wine is a three-Fs affair: Food, fashion and fun.

You definitely will be forgiven for drooling.





They came in all sizes.

Now, whatever "they" is, I will leave it to your own interpretation.





No prizes for guessing who, of the two, was more overtly excited.





Oh yes. Yellow and mellow.

Different approaches, similar effect. Smokin' hot!





Aside from the choice of attires, the varied hair styles also made for interesting watching.





Everywhere you turned, drinks took the centrestage.





You know the day is going well for you when . . .

. . . you are this gentleman pictured immediately above!





While many yapped and giggled and drank and choked on food, a few others preferred some quiet me-time.

Oh, and it may not be what I am seeing but it may just be what I am seeing.

You know what I mean :) . . .  but in case you didn't catch the drift, look hard and on the picture.





While some buried their attention into their phone, a few inches away, others shifted their focus elsewhere.





A ratio of two to four (2:4).






'You see, I can make our own special version of Blankets and Wine.'

Assuming that I am spot-on with my reading of his mind and lips, then I must say she was either impressed or just simply playing along.





Nothing beats food for sure. Riyale!

Just look at how much care and attention he was giving to that hot dog (?).

Whoever said the way to a man's heart is food was very, very right.



A relaxing Adults' Day Out.




Let it flow.





Imagine after your friend assures you he won't tell anyone, then this happens . . .





A loud look of 'Yeah, everything is going on fine'.

Wine? Check.

Music? Check.

Good vibe? Check.





Selfies are an inevitable feature of such events. Even Allan Toniks knows that all too well.





And it never matters how - or from which angle - you take the selfie.

So if you feel like it, go for it.







It's okay, we will see but won't hear a thing.





'The chicken is grilled right over there.'








Hmm . . .

Variety is a rich spice of life.

You know what I mean :)





There was no shortage of interesting outfits.





As you can see . . .





A jolly-good time.

A lovely selfie moment.





As dusk crept in, the atmosphere rumbled with more life - the Oval was alive with the sound of music.





Onstage, the Roots Warriors serenaded revellers with beats that couldn't keep you seated.








Fik Fameica's performance generated the sort of waves that ripple through the entire body - from head to toe, and back up.





See what I mean?





Now you get the point, huh.





 A day well spent.

No doubt.

Next edition please!



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