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Uganda has a bright motocross future

By Johnson Were

Added 4th April 2018 12:03 PM

Wekesa an official with Uganda Motocross Club said this after the event at Busiika.

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Stav Orland excited fans with his free style. PHOTOS: Johnson Were

Wekesa an official with Uganda Motocross Club said this after the event at Busiika.

Omar Mayanja and Amos Wekesa have attributed Uganda’s success in the FIM Africa Central Africa motocross championship (FIM CAC) to the selfless parents that chose to invest in the future generation.

Wekesa an official with Uganda Motocross Club and father of Kylan Wekesa, who competes in the 85cc, said this after the event at Busiika where Uganda humiliated rivals Kenya.

Team Uganda registered 1401 points while Kenya could only manage 204 points. Most of Uganda’s points were gathered by the youngsters under the age of nine.

“Our victory is not by accident. Parents have taken the right direction and invested in children and that is why almost all of them ride bikes which are 2018 models,” Wekesa said.

“We now have to market the sport, get more sponsors who will help us take our riders to South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, where the standard is higher than here,” Wekesa added.

Over the Easter weekend, the toddlers left an impressive mark after dominating most categories of the FIM CAC.

The youngsters in the age brackets 4-12 years collected 727 points out of the overall 1401 point tally.

Uganda now turns focus to the FIM Africa Nations championship due August in Zambia.

The FIM Central Africa Motocross Championship was co-sponsored by Vision Group under their Urban TV brand, Luba Properties, Cherish Hospital, Shell Advance Oil and Mountain Dew.

Overall results
Uganda 1401 points
Kenya 204 points
Pee Wee (4-6 years)
1. Pascal Kasozi 57 Points
2. Ramathan Mubiru 50
3 Mbabazi Ashraf 49 (UG)
4. Tamale Ahmed 39 (UG)
5. Jonathan Katende 32
6. Gisa Benzinge 31 (KEN)
7. Hannah Nyambura 25
8. Drate Leticia 18 (UG)

50 CC class (7-8 years)
1. Gift Ssebuguzi 60 (UG)
2. Isabella Blick 51 (UG)
3. Mubarak Mayanja 45 (UG)
4. William Blick Jr 39 (UG)
5. Atete Benzinge 33 (KEN
6. Miguel Katende 29 (UG)
7. Kauthara Balinda 28 (UG)
8. Abigail Mwangala 24 (UG)

 65cc: class (9-11 years)
1. Alon Orland 60 (UG)
2. Obote Akena 49 (UG)
3. Jeremiah Mawanda 43 (UG)
85cc class (10-12 years)
1. Stav Orland 60 (UG)
2. Fortune Ssentamu 51 (UG)
3. Waleed Omar 40 (UG)

MX125 class (12-17 years)
1. Aviv Orland 60 (UG)
2. Ali Omar 49 (UG)
3. Alestair Blick 47 (UG)
4. Paddy Blick 39 (UG)
5. Sharifah Kateete 33(UG)

MX2 class (Over 17 years)
1. Rolf Kihara 60 (KEN)
2. Fatuh Kiggundu 49(UG)
3. Isma Mukiibi 47 (UG)

MX1 (Open class)
1. Olivier Van Pee 60
2. Arthur Blick Jr 51
3. Alex Moi 45

Franco Rodrigo 57 (UG)
Barak Orland 54 (UG)
Pieter Pelser 45 (UG)
Ash Mbabazi 39 (UG)
Hood Ssemugoma 33 (UG)
􀁺 Ladies category
1. Isabella Blick 60 points (UG)
2. Atete Benzinge 51 (KEN)
3. Kauthara Balinda 45(UG)
4. Abigail Mwangala 39 (UG)
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