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Police tips schools on firefighting

By Lawrence Mulondo

Added 14th March 2018 04:42 PM

Institutions were told to hire professional electricians to avoid electric hazards

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Institutions were told to hire professional electricians to avoid electric hazards

PIC: Students of Continental Whiteland College picking what is left of their property. (Credit: Lawrence Mulondo)


KAMPALA - Institutions have been advised to have in place emergency water reservoirs where fire fighters can get water in case their trucks run out.

The Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, said some times, firefighters that take water trucks to put down fires run out of water before their mission is accomplished.

He said institution managers should take their staff through training on how to fight fires using fire extinguishers as well as how to escape fire.

“It makes no sense to have fire extinguishers at schools when students or the staff cannot operate them,” he added.

He said fires are caused by improper electricity wiring. “Institutions should hire professionals when connecting electricity in the building so as to avoid fire outbreaks,” he advised.

Oweyesigire made the call following a fire that gut a girls’ dormitory at Continental Whiteland College in Kampala yesterday.

According to students, they left the dormitory at 4:00am to prepare for morning lessons. However, a few minutes later, they saw fire flames.

The boys used buckets of water to put down the fire and were later joined by the police fire brigade.

The dormitory was housing 95 girls. Students’ books, uniforms and beddings were destroyed in the fire.

Barbra Nalunga, a Senior Six student who lost property in the fire, said her casual uniform and a book she had carried in the morning were the only items she remained with.

The school director, Yasin Mutumba, the administration has not yet established the cause of the fire.

He the school will help students get their notes typed to avoid inconveniences in their studies.

Oweyesigire said the Police is investigating the cause of the fire.

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