We need to change mindset towards women

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"I usually have discussions on women and their relationships with men."

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"I usually have discussions on women and their relationships with men."

PIC: Many women struggle to earn a living. (Photo credit: AFP)


By Francis Alimpisa

Every eighth day of March, the world shifts its focus to one of God’s finest creations – women.

We pay tribute to our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, wives, girlfriends and female friends. That’s International Women’s Day for you.

Here in Uganda, the national celebrations were held in Mityana last Thursday.

The outpouring of affection on especially social media for the women in our lives moves me. Photos and heartwarming messages posted on all sorts of cyber space are an illustration of just how important a woman is to us.

No doubt.

Such recognition is a practice I fully back.

But then, considering much of this expression happens in virtual space, is the spirit in which this is done actually mutual in the real world?

Do we send out these messages via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc in the real sense of their meaning? Are we genuine?

I usually have discussions on women and their relationships with men. I recently engaged in yet another passionate debate with some male friends.

Many said they view a woman as someone meant to do house work and take care of a man’s property. I found that astonishing.

 “I have cows and gardens. I am always away for work, with no time to cook, do my laundry and care for the home generally. Why shouldn’t I marry then?” one argued.

Another mate underlined his intolerance to errors.

“At worst, if she makes a mistake more than once, she deserves to be beaten,” he said.

I found what my two colleagues said making no rational sense and showed me that they would marry for the wrong reasons. Are such men being harsh on women?

If a man makes mistakes, is the expectation from a woman commensurate to what she normally receives?

Imperfection is an ingredient of humanity.

Women deserve the same treatment men often demand or even expect from them. Such gesture should be reciprocated. Every woman deserves respect, love, compassion and care. Give them the comfort and space to exercise and display their potential.

The bible reminds us that during creation, God promised to create a suitable companion to help man – woman. We, therefore, need to take note of this “a companion”, as opposed to the perceived worker or helper. I am mindful of what God meant when He said in the book of Genesis: “You will still have desire for your husband, yet you are subject to him”.

I implore all men to have that sense of empathy and have a feeling of what the derogatory statements, demeaning and belittling language, slanders and unjust treatment mean if used against your own mother or sister.

I still say “Happy Women`s Day” to women all over the world and encourage them to believe in who they are and that they are worthy of every opportunity.

I want to particularly pay tribute to Amanda Ngabirano, Agatha Kihemebo, Debbie, Mercy and my mothers Lydia, Mary and Ruth. You give me the perfect meaning of a woman`s rationality to society.

 I look forward to more vehement discussions about the subject with my female friends in the near future.


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