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Different but one: Exploring new artistic frontiers

By Stephen Ssenkaaba

Added 26th February 2018 08:17 PM

The exhibition has 19 lecturers from different departments participating

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The exhibition has 19 lecturers from different departments participating

PIC: Decorative jewellery was showcased. (Credit: Lawrence Mulondo)


KAMPALA - The annual Makerere University art lecturers’ exhibition opened to the public early this month at the Makerere university art gallery.

The exhibition, better known as Different But One, showcases the latest work by teaching staff at the Makerere School of Industrial and Fine Arts. It was first held in 1996.

Prof. Phillip Kwesiga, the head of department visual communication, design and multimedia, explains the idea behind the concept.

“We have different specialties but every year, we unite to present this show as lecturers. We also use this as an opportunity to showcase our work to the public. As artists in the academe, this also is our way of publishing,” he says.

Rivka Uziel, the curator of this exhibition explains the concept and why it is important.

“When we started Different But One Art Exhibition, no one believed that the project will last more than a few years. And it is now, 22 years later. We are here, ready to continue to set up the exhibition because it is important for us as teachers to show students the process of creation and the results,” she explains. Uziel adds that this year’ exhibition was particularly interesting. “This time around, we have made an attempt to show the process that we go through to produce our work,” she says.

The exhibition has 19 lecturers from different departments participating. The showcase provides an opportunity to the lecturers to get much needed feedback from their students and the public.

“It is important for us as artists and designers to share our creations and receive affirmation and accolades and sometimes constructive criticism from our students and visitors,” Uziel says.

An interesting painting on display

New frontiers

This year’s exhibition explores new dimensions that perhaps many would not have seen in the previous shows. There is for instance interesting photography from Rivka of the High Rise building at the World Trade Centre in Lower Manhattan New York. Crisp, clear pictures taken from interesting angles.

There are thought provoking installations (this too is a new genre for this exhibition) such as Rose Kirumira’s aligned display of cooking pans strapped by wires on to dark wooden panels and a few others spread on the floor. It is a captivating showcase of the kind of life that most of us have lived; a creative way to relate to our ordinary every day surroundings. Also, people like Dorah Kasozi present a new dimension to Jewellery through her unique display of well-arranged decorative pieces together to form one beautiful work.

This year’s exhibit also has a multimedia element showcased in a mini documentary on the benefits of empowering girls through education. This project by Dr. Amanda Tumusiime, assisted by a group of graduate students, points to the new media horizons that this exhibition is beginning to explore. In this peace, Tumusiime and her team use illustrations, video and storytelling to narrate the story of Manzi a little girl, with support from her farsighted mother- aptly named Harebahare, defies all obstacles to graduate from university and turn into a career woman. Simple, inspiring work that will easily be enjoyed.

More novelties include Donald Nantagya woven baskets; Sarah Nakisanze’s brown dolls and one of my favourites- Jacob Odama’s silver bust of Field Marshall Idi Amin.

Whatever is on show here presents a growth not just of the artists, but also of their approach to art. And for anyone who has seen this exhibition grow from a display of a couple of paintings and sculptures all those years ago, there is an abundance of work to document the strides that different artists have made.

 This year’s exhibition explores new dimensions 

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