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Youngsters Miguel and Blick shine in motocross

By Johnson Were

Added 23rd January 2018 03:26 PM

Katende finished fourth and Blick was third in the 50cc class.

Motocrosskids3 703x422

Fortune Ssentamu. PHOTOS: Johnson Were

Katende finished fourth and Blick was third in the 50cc class.

Youngsters Miguel Katende and William Blick Jr. continued to prove that they have a bright future in motocross when they exceeded expectations in the first round of the Mountain Dew National Motocross championship on sunday at Garuga racing Track.

Katende finished fourth and Blick was third in the 50cc class on their maiden appearance.

The duo who have been in the Pee wee (beginners) class were elevated to the 50cc senior class this year.

“I think we have a bright future and I think our MX1 class in future will be the strongest in the region considering the quality of the junior riders,” Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda deputy Vice president in charge motocross Patrick Van Pee said.

 Akena Obote in action

In the 65cc class, the Obote brothers continued to show their intentions of winning this year's championship incae Alon Orland faulters.

Akaki and Akena were second and third respectively in a tightly contested event won by Alon Orland.

 Alistair Blick in action

In the MX5cc, Fortune Ssentamu emerged winner beating Waleed Omar.In the MX125 class Aviv Orland was still unbeatable. Aviv who was a guest rider in the MX125 won two heats before beating Olivier Van Pee and Arthur Blick the MX1 class in the last heat of the event.

Motocross Results:

50cc PeeWee class

1. Pascal Kasozi 60pts

2. Ahmed Tamale 50

3. Ashraf Mbabazi 41

4. Ramathan Mubiru 39

5. Ethan Kayizi 32

 50cc class

1. Gift Ssebuguzi 60

2. Malcom Omoding 51

3. William Blick Jr 43

4. Mubarak Ssenoga 39

5. Miguel Katende 35

65cc class

1. Alon Orland 60

2. Milton Akaki 51

3. Akena Obote 45

85cc class

1. Fortune Ssentamu 60

2. Joshua Mwangala 51

3. Waleed Omar 41

(Stav Orland was guest rider)

MX125 cc class

1. Ali Omar 57

2. Alestaur Blick 52

3. Paddy Blick 47

(Aviv Orland was guest rider)

MX2 class

1. Rinaldo Milleti 54

2. Talha Kiggundu 53

3. Ahmed Tamale 47

MX1 class

1. Olivier Van pee 57

2. Arthur Blick Jr 54

3. Anwar Kabiito 45

 Vets Class

1. Peter Pelser 60

2. Ashraf Mbabazi 51

3. Toni Akaki 30

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