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Women, youth undergo entrepreneurial skills training

By Andrew Ssenyonga, Jeff Andrew Lule

Added 7th December 2017 07:00 AM

Rwabwogo who was the main facilitator of the training advised the trainees to be passionate about their business idea, and the impact it will have on those that use it.

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Requisite skills, honesty and good leadership have been identified as the greatest developmental needs of the country.

It was observed that the country would develop if political leaders would stop giving false hopes to the people but rather work for the betterment of the people.

These sentiments were shared at a training aimed at educating entrepreneurs in Uganda held in Luzira recently.

‎The director of ‎Tomosi group Odrek Rwabwogo said the training formed part of 100 events undertaken by the organization to educate, connect and inspire entrepreneurs across the country.

Rwabwogo noted that graduates should stop putting out curriculum vitaes to companies but look for ways to establish their own businesses.

“You should also stop lamenting over capital but rather have feasible ideas so that people would assist them with capital,” he added.

Rwabwogo who was the main facilitator of the training advised the trainees to be passionate about their business idea, and the impact it will have on those that use it.

“Passion will fuel you; as you travel through the peaks and troughs of the journey to create your business, the passion for your idea will pull you through the tough times and keep you motivated,” he explained.

The trainees also learnt that determination can make their business a success and persevere when it seems that luck is against them, to do whatever it takes to build the business.

“Optimistic business owners reflect on their successes instead of their failures. They also look for the benefit and opportunities in every situation thinking of their business goal and how can this situation enhance it. They will see opportunities where others won’t,” Rwabwogo advised.

Rwabwogo explained that keeping customers coming back for more is the easiest way to build a strong business.

“Direct contact with customers and choosing who they would work with was a common enjoyment from all of the women I spoke to. They loved being in control of who they interacted with and being directly involved with them,” he explained.

He urged that trainees to value their customers with great service and consistently exceeding expectations to enhance their business.

“This will help you build customer loyalty and reduce the likelihood of them switching from you to a competitor,” he added.

Rwabwogo also advised the participants to take the risk to establish their own businesses and register them.

He admonished the participants to be confident and believe in themselves about what they want to do.

“Entrepreneurs should develop a tenacity to withstand challenges in their businesses,” he said.

The training that was organised on the theme ‘scaling up business to heights’ brought together students, prospective employers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders for a day of sharing and networking.

“Whether you’re in front of a large audience or in front of a small team, your ability to communicate your message and your vision clearly is critical,” Sharifah Ssebunya, a farmer from Mukono said.

Jack Tumusime a farmer from Kamwengye district said, “Becoming a good negotiator early on in your career is important, since “most salary increases are predicated on earlier salaries,”

Sarah Bulega a tailor from Mukono said management is key in developing a business.

“I have learnt that our employees should be treated well for a business to prosper,” she said.

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