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By Emmanuel Balukusa

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Police picked Lulume from Ngogwe sub county headquarters were he was giving treatment to the residents of Buikwe in a health camp which was organized by the rotary club of Mukono

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Lulume Bayiga's Family and friends in a sorrowful state at the Lugazi police headquaters after they were denied access to meet him by the police officers

Police picked Lulume from Ngogwe sub county headquarters were he was giving treatment to the residents of Buikwe in a health camp which was organized by the rotary club of Mukono

The Buikwe south former member of parliament and a democratic party delegate was arrested by police on 2nd December this year. Dr.Lulume Bayiga was arrested by police officer from Buikwe police station and Lugazi police station.
  Police picked Lulume from Ngogwe sub county headquarters were he was giving treatment to the residents of Buikwe in a health camp which was organized by the rotary club of Mukono.
Justine Nasimbwa an eyewitness at the scene were Lulume was picked revealed that over twenty police officers in both uniform and others in non-uniforms surrounded the sub county headquarters to arrest him.
After their deployment they surrounded Dr.Lulume and started battering him and after they dumped him on the police vehicle with other two people and were all taken to Lugazi police were they are detained. His arrest forced his family members and friends to go to Lugazi police headquarters to know more about his arrest.
However the members found a hard time with the police operatives since they were not allowed  to step  foot in the Lugazi police courtyard. After some time only his wife and doctor were permitted to talk to the detained Lulume and give him care.
The relatives staged outside Lugazi police including his father Ntale kizito Lulume. Kizito in deep sorrow narrated to New Vision that his son is innocent. “My son Bayiga is innocent and it’s politics that brings all this, but it is sponsored by Buikwe current Member of Parliament David Mutebi and the state minister for water Ronald Kibuule because he (Lulume) is a freedom fighter for the residents of Kigaya-golomolo land in Najja sub county Buikwe district which Kibule wants to evict”
 Pauline Lulume a sister to Dr. Lulume Byiga decried the way police officers arrested his brother saying that he was beaten and tortured, she blamed the Ssezibwa regional police commander SSP Bob Herbert Kagarura for denying them access to talk to their brother. “If it was arrest police would have arrested all the fifteen doctors who were attending to patients at the health camp but not only Lulume”
She asked police to okay them meet their brother if not they are to drag the police to other legal service providers. Lulume’s friends stated that the government is behind his arrest since he is the freedom fighter of the Kigaya-golomolo land which minister Kibule wants to  from the people.
Police brutality
When Lulume reached Lugazi, armed police officers were deployed heavily to the quarter guard not to allow any civilian to step a foot in the police premises without the consent of the Ssezibwa regional police commander.
  Even journalists were denied access to reach the police but after a hard struggle police allowed them.
Dr. Norman Byakuno Kisitu the suspect’s doctor explained that on 2nd December Lulume’s blood pressure was high and his life is unpleasant because of the backache he achieved when police was arresting him. “My patient cannot sit, stand, and even cannot move without any support and am suspecting a fracture in one of his backbones but I asked police to take him to the better health facilities and in the X’ray machine to check the fracture but it’s all in vain, even the regional police commander Herbert Bob Kagarura ordered me to make a report and am done with it” Norman Kistu said.
  He continued that when he took the medical report of Lulume to the RPC’s office the RPC Kagarura intimidated him and he had told him to write a positive report on the side of police which he failed to do.
 Lulume who is a suspect now is charged with eight counts and four out of the eight are fresh. The fresh charges include holding illegal assemblies, inciting violence, assaulting of a police officer and resistance of arrest. The Regional police commander Bob Herbert Kagarura revealed to New vision that Lulume committed the above four offences on 2nd December this year when police had gone to arrest him.
  “Lulume has been on a run and police has been searching him but he also has other previous offences among which there is inciting violence which led to destruction of property, holding illegal assemblies and dodging court and he committed them long time back, by the way Lulume committed offences and they are in court but he has not been appearing in court” Kagarura said.
 Kagarura added that the two who were arrested with Lulume on 2nd are charged of conflicting with the law.
Kagarura denied the beating and torturing of the suspect and he assured New Vision that the suspect is in a good health condition. However after a short time Lulume was taken to Naguru police clinic for more treatment. 

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