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Germany child support organisation hailed in Lango

By Michael Onyinge

Added 28th November 2017 12:27 PM

Ongom said Lango sub-region has a total population of over two million children and over 60% of them had benefited from this project

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George Ongom handing over certificate from the cultural insitution to Dr Werner Kuepper

The minister of youth, gender and disaster in Lango Cultural Foundation, George Ongom, has recognised the efforts made by the German government in fighting for and protecting the rights of children in northern Uganda.

Ongom said the German government through its development organisation of Lango Child and Community Federation project (LACODEF) had done a great work in saving the children from their rights being abused.

He asked the German government to allocate more funds in Lango sub-region to help in fighting for the rights of children.

Ongom represented his highness, the Wonnyaci of Lango in a meeting organised to evaluate the performance of LACODEF in Dokolo district.

Ongom said Lango sub-region has a total population of over two million children and over 60% of them had benefited from this project in the four districts of Lira, Dokolo, Kole and Apach.

Ongom asked the donors to also support the other three districts of Alebtong, Otuke and Amolatar in the next programme since they had been left out.

Ongom’s remarks came in after the report presented by the district officer in charge of child and family protection unit of Dokolo, Joe Otim revealed that the 65 Police officers who were trained under this project have been able to follow up  cases as required.

“Based on the skills acquired from LACODEF Police managed to handle a total of 673 cases that were reported since 2016 to November 2017,” Otim said.

Of all these cases 46 cases on child abuse were supported, 20 cases were of the missing children as two that were in conflict with the law were referred to the remand home in Kapiringisa.

The Dokolo district chairperson, Fredrick Dickens Odongo said  that because of  efforts of LACODEF in his district towards protecting the rights of children, the  district council had decided to offer them  a piece of land  for their office to be built.

The organisation was also hailed for supporting girls so that they do not dropout of school this year.

The chief administrative officer (CAO) of Dokolo district, George William Omuge said this was a great step in having the girl child defended to have education.

Omuge said the project had helped the community to recognise the culture of the country by simplifying the laws of Uganda and making the people to know the rights of the children.

“We appreciate and we have felt the impact of your project in five schools since over 1,500 girls have been protected from harassment and sexual violence," Omuge said.

The programme director of Child Fund Deutsohland Germany, Dr Werner Kuepper who is also the founder of LACODEF project said they will renew their programmes for one more year in these districts.


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