Man uses mabugo to buy car

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Kizza said it was his chance to finally own a car.

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Kizza said it was his chance to finally own a car.


Johnny Kizza, a resident of Kayunga in Bugerere, surprised his relatives when he bought a car using sympathy funds (mabugo) given to him after he lost his father.

It is policy at Kizza’s place of work to contribute funds to help with funeral expenses whenever a colleague loses a close relative. So when Kizza’s father died, his workmates and friends contributed condolence funds which amounted to sh8m.

To everyone's dismay, Kizza only gave his relatives sh1m claiming that was all his workmates and friends had given him. But soon after the burial, Kizza went to a car bond and bought himself a car.

When his relatives found out that he had kept sh7m for himself and bought a car, they confronted him and asked him to hand over the money.

Kizza retorted that if he did not have those friends who gave him the money, the relatives would not have even gotten the sh1m he gave them.

He told them them that the money gave him chance to stop travelling on foot.

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