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Nakiwala is offside at Wankulukuku

By James Bakama

Added 20th November 2017 12:00 AM

Express was filled with optimism when she took the reins

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Express was filled with optimism when she took the reins

There is something terribly wrong at Wankulukuku. Express, once Uganda’s biggest club, is in a crisis.

The Red Eagles’ troubles are clearly reflected in their 12th position in the 16 team Azam Uganda Super league.  The club has never sunk to such depths in its close to 60 years of existence.

Hadn’t they battled from behind to beat Proline in their last encounter, they would actually be second from the bottom!

So, what’s it that’s not being done right at Wankulukuku? A deeper look into the club reveals a leadership crisis.

Two CEOs have so far quit the club. Coach Douglas Bamweyana also last week threw in the towel. All this is on top of players going for months without pay.

All accusing fingers point at none other than club chairman Florence Nakiwala.  She has apparently failed to walk the talk.

The club was filled with optimism when she took the reins. This seemed understandable as there seemed nothing to show that she wouldn’t deliver.

For starters, she showed all signs of having a passion for the club. Then of course she was also a minister. Even more important, she was a youth minister.

Her mobilization skills also didn’t seem in question. You have certainly not forgotten that function at the start of the season when she almost drew the entire Red Army to Wankulukuku.

But even more important, she seemed to have the ear of the high and mighty in government. What more could Express ask for?

It must have been against such a background that she also gained entry into FUFA. She is third federation vice president.

This was supposed to be yet another plus for the Red Eagles. It’s the third vice president who is charge of the Azam Uganda Super League.

Amidst all this were several sponsorship promises. These included funding from multinational sports betting platform, SportPesa.

As it turns out, Express continues to struggle financially. This is just one of numerous administrative mishaps at the club. And like someone put it, Nakiwala has given Express a raw deal.

True, she could going by her ministerial status have a proven political record, but when it comes to football management, she is certainly offside.

Her biggest weakness is not having enough time for the club. She is in the process not at grips with what is happening on the ground.

Matters are not helped by the fact that club patron Prince Kassim Nakibinge and head of the club board Bbale Mugera have also kept a distance.

This is fast brewing into serious unease amongst the club’s faithful.

Placard wielding fans expressed their discontent in the club’s recent match. But perhaps none of these better captured the mood than the one that read: “Red Card for Nakiwala”.

Isn’t it time that someone at Wankulukuku took action. The Red Eagles could soon be history!

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