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Kyambogo staff demand salaries for four months

By Andrew Ssenyonga

Added 17th November 2017 08:41 AM

Over 1,300 full and part time lecturers have not been paid in four months.

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The Chairman of Kyambogo University Academic Staff Association, Dr Grace Lubaale, addressing media on their pay challenges. (Credit: Abbey Ramathan)
Kyambogo University academic staff have threatened not to take part in the examination process that starts Friday if their salaries are not cleared.
Over 1,300 full and part time lecturers have not been paid in four months.
According to the chairperson of Kyambogo University Academic staff Association (KYUASA), Grace Lubaale: “The claims include part-time teaching and extra load teaching for the months of August, September, October and November and arrears of research supervision, marking and teaching for years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.”
During a press conference at the university on Tuesday, Lubaale stressed that the management had also failed to pay their top up salaries and stipend for graduate fellows for the months of September and October.
“We shall not submit, invigilate or mark the examination unless the university revises their growing trend of non-payments,” he threatened.
Lubaale stressed that a number of university academic staff are part-time lecturers who stay outside the campus and spend a lot of money on transport.
“Due to a shortage of academic staff, the university was forced to hire part-time lecturers, who are supposed to be paid immediately,” he said.
Lubaale also called upon the salary review commission to consider views from  public universities’ academic staff across the country.
“Every sector of the public service, including the university staff, must be heard in making final copies of the salary scale or structure of all public servants,” he said.

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