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Five parking mistakes motorists make

By Stella Naigino

Added 8th November 2017 11:52 AM

Too much sun will spoil your car tyres.

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Too much sun will spoil your car tyres.


With the ever increasing parking crisis, motorists are struggling to find parking for their cars. Here are tips on where you should not park your car:

Parking under a tree
According to Agnes Muganza, a parking instructor at Ebenezer parking area in Seeta, trees usually have branches and fruits that fall off from time to time.

"Parking your car under a tree means the windshields could get hit by a tree branch. Fruits also keep falling off from the tree. It is best to avoid parking under a tree altogether,” she advises.

Parking behind a heavy truck
Annet Kasozi, a mechanic, notes that heavy trucks are usually known for losing brakes from time to time. When this happens and your car is parked behind one, it will be damaged.

“The best thing to do is park in a place you are sure that the car in front of you is a small car,” Kasozi says.

Parking near play fields
When children are playing, they throw things like stones and balls. These can hit your car screen. Children are generally cheeky. They might decide to draw on your car with a stone and hence damage it.

Parking in stagnant water
Kasozi says: "When it rains, running water tends to fill pot holes and this water might carry a few sharp objects. This is why sometimes drivers return to their cars, only to find a flat tyre".

Parking under the sun
“Those who have experienced the discomfort that comes with sitting in a car that has been parked under the sun for a long time can testify to this,” notes Saleem Meraasa, the marketing manager of Tyre Express.

He says too much sun can spoil your car and its tyres as well.
"With time, your car's colour will fade and because of the much heat, the tyres lose their elasticity and wear out.

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