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Fitidis passes scrutineering test

By Johnson Were

Added 20th October 2017 05:18 PM

The event starts on the Zambezi Ranching and Cropping Farm in Chisamba town and Fitidis has promised to be fast but cautious.

Rallychristakisfitidis2 703x422

Uganda's Christakis Fitidis in action. Photo Johnson were

Zambia international rally  

Top five ARC standings

1. Manvir Baryan (Kenya) 90pts

2. Leroy Gomes (Zambia) 65

3. Kleevan Gomesi (Zambia) 38

4. Christakis Fitidis (Uganda) 36

5. Giancarlo Davite (Rwanda) 33

Past winners:

2016-Don Smith (Subaru)

2015-Jaspreet Singh Chatthe (Mitsubishi)

2014-Garry Chaynes (Mitsubishi)

2013-Jassy Singh (Subaru)

2012-Muhammed Essa (Subaru)

2011-Conrad Rautenbach (Subaru)  

2010-James Whyte (Subaru)

1999-Charles Muhangi (Subaru) 

Uganda's sole driver in Zambia international rally Christakis Fitidis has passed the car scrutineering test and promised to give his rivals a run for their money.

Navigated by Eric Nzamwita in a Mitsubishi Evo 10, Fitidis  told New Vision on Friday that his car is good  and is only  waiting to tackle the 274.8 km of the event that  starts on Saturday  and ends on Sunday.

The event starts on the Zambezi Ranching and Cropping Farm in Chisamba town and Fitidis has promised to be fast but cautious.

He explained that roads are good but technical and twisty, but he will be fast and observant in the first stages before opening up in the rest.

The event with a total distance of 274.18 kms of which 184.32 kms are competitive and rest liaison is the last round of the 2017 Africa Rally Championship (ARC).

“We will start with observation in first stage without being slow but also not taking useless risks and then open up after studying other competitors’ speed,” Fitidis said.

“As earlier said, we are not chasing to beat Manvir but Kleevan Gomes, Munah Singh and Giancarlo Davite to finish third overall,” the 65yr-old driver added.

Fitidis in fourth position with 36points is targeting to oust Zambia’s Kleevan who is third with 38 points.


Kenya’s Manvir Baryan is in a comfortable lead with 90 points while Zambia’s Leroy Gomes is second with 65points.The winner of the event gets 25points.

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