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"I feel like if I wanted to cheat, I better be single and play around with women. Why be engaged if you’re going to cheat?"

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"I feel like if I wanted to cheat, I better be single and play around with women. Why be engaged if you’re going to cheat?"


Singer and songwriter Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass had his breakthrough in 2014. The Tulikubigere singer shared his intimate life with our reporter.

Who is A Pass?
A pass is the same, but has improved with different challenges and he is living life to the fullest. He is relaxed.

I heard that some female singers do not pay you for the songs you write for them. How do your account for your time?
That is not true. Most of them pay, although there are somefor whom  I do work for free, as friends. About time … when you help a friend, you don’t account for that time.

Do you still have a strong relationship with Bebe Cool?
Yes I do. We are still best friends. I think he is a cool guy, just as his name says. Why wouldn’t I have a good relationship with him? Do not pay attention to social media rumours.

It seems like you enjoy dissing girls. Have you ever been in love?
I don’t think I diss girls. Why would I do that? You know sometimes I am misquoted and misunderstood because I have good English, so it disturbs people. It is tricky.

Have you ever been in love?
That is a funny question, but definitely since I was a kid, I have been falling in love. I have loved some of my friends and I am in love as we talk. I am a human being too.

You are young, good looking and soft spoken. Aren’t ladies after you?
Yes. They are after me, but I am after my lady, so I don’t give much time to things that distract me. I am focusing on my stuff.

If one wants to be a perfect wife to you, what must she do?
I do not think that I can give people tips on how to be my perfect lady or wife. I think that is stuff that I would personally keep to myself. I give love and I don’t look at what I can get back.

Would you cheat on your lover?
Cheating is not my strongest point. I feel like if I wanted to cheat, I better be single and play around with women. Why be engaged if you’re going to cheat? Not good at all.

How do you react when you are in situation that provokes anger?
Well, I am never with people who bring me to that level. I would rather stay far and if someone says anything trashy, I leave, keep quiet and watch. Silence is the best solution for me.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in life?
I feel that making people happy, being myself and inspiring young people is my greatest accomplishment.



In your opinion, what is the best way to show love?
The best way to show love is to give love, because honestly, if you give, then you will receive.  That is how life is. People look at love as something that they need to take from the other person all the time. Looking at love that way will become a problem.

Among the Uganda female public figures, who would you take out for a cup of coffee?
Hahaha. For a cup of coffee I would take JK (Juliana Kanyomozi). She is a lady. I would take her out and we have a very good conversation. I love her as a human being.

What do you admire from Juliana that other ladies should copy from her?
I don’t think I can particularly say what I admire from her. I don’t admire people that way. I just appreciate them. But Juliana is a calm person.

Would you marry her if she was available for you?
Oh yes.

Some men think giving gifts is the best way to show love.  What’s your opinion?
So many people give gifts, yet they cannot actually be loyal. They give rings and they cannot be committed to the person they gave it to. It is a matter of being me. That should be enough. I don’t think I have done much via giving gifts. I am not trying to prove anything by giving gifts. If the time comes and I feel like doing it, I will give the gifts, but not now.

When do you plan to have children?
When God decides. I would even love to have them now, but God has not decided yet.


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