Do sit-ups to get rid of love handles

By Victoria Nampala

Added 13th September 2017 06:02 PM

Fat around the tummy area is difficult to trim.

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Fat around the tummy area is difficult to trim.

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Love handle is the mass around the waist area of the body. They make dressing in skinny or fitting clothes hard. Needless to say, many people would rather not have them.

According to Joshua Nabongo from Sports Consult Africa, love handles result from the accumulation of excess fat around the tummy area.

He says since they are difficult to trim, the person must exercise consistently to achieveresults.

"The trick is in knowing the ideal diet and exercise techniques required," Nabongo adds.

Sit-ups is one way to beat love handles.

How  to do sit ups

Lie on the back on mat. Bend the knees and plant the feet about hip-distance apart.

Place the hands on the back of the head, where it attaches to the neck.

Start to Exhale and pull the belly button in toward the back as you gently raise your chest by bending the hips and waist.

Lift up the chest until it is just inches away from the thighs.

Inhale and control your return to the start position to complete one repetition.

Sit ups done for 30 minutes in five days a week can strengthen the stomach muscles and reduce love handles.

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