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By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

Added 8th September 2017 12:19 PM

Cosign has worked as back up for Abaasa, Pryce Teeba, Patrobas and Lillian Mbabazi.

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Cosign has worked as back up for Abaasa, Pryce Teeba, Patrobas and Lillian Mbabazi.

If you are a keen listener of radio you must have heard a very beautiful voice of some new entrant on the Ugandan music scene called Cosign. Sounds like mathematics all over again but that’s a story for another day. Two hit songs Love Yebigambo and Niwatwire have spread like wild fire. He spoke to us about his journey so far.

Who is Cosign?
My name is Bartson Lutalo, a singer, songwriter signed to Dustville Records in Ntinda. I am a 26-year-old lad born at Nsambya hospital on July 15th 1991. I am born to the late Leticia Nabukalu and the late Isaac Magezi of Kangulumira in Kayunga district. I studied my nursery and primary at Buganda Road Primary School, White Angels Primary School and later finished at Catherine Primary School Kangulumira and also finished secondary at Uganda martyrs secondary school also in Kangulumira. I have diploma in electrical engineering from St Joseph technical institute in Entebbe. I like mathematics so much that I had to go by the moniker Cosign.

You seem like a humble kid; how did you join music?
Initially I was dancer before the singing came up but I trained myself how to sing while at the technical institute, I kept a keen eye on Tusker project fame, a singing competition that shaped the lies of Esther Nabaasa and Davis Ntare. I participated in two seasons and I was lucky enough to be in the top ten performers of both seasons. However, I never made it to the house. I kept trying and the rest is history. When you put in work, the results will come nomatter how long.

Which genre does your music fall?
I also don’t know but I tend to lean more towards RnB. You see genres keep being fused so what works for me at that moment is what I go with.

Who writes for you?
A true artiste has to craft their own lyrics, at least for the beginning years and see how awful they sound so they can learn more about song writing. I have written for myself ever since this started and I am self-taught. I can pen down a sweet melodious song in under 20 minutes. The mood has to be right though.

What inspired your massive hit Love Yebigambo?
Kyle, have u checked the streets of Kampala lately? These girls are all about the loot, the quid, the cash brother. If you have no money just be calm and take your broke pitied self home because you simply cannot afford a girl, more so a classy one. Mine was a true story, I am broke as they come but does that mean I stay celibate till I find money? I don’t think so.

So, you were booted by a girl?
Unfortunately, I was. Can you imagine I only had twenty thousand on me and she insisted we go to Café Javas? Stupidly I didn’t want to get embarrassed so I allowed. On reaching she ordered for pizza that was twice the money I had. I got humiliated when she caused a scene at the restaurant. I am glad I walked out alive. I haven’t seen her in over four months yet I loved her. She inspired a hit song and soon she will be looking for me.

How sure are you that you will compete with the big boys? It’s hard out here for a boy.
I am ready to take them on. When I have time off work, I write a lot of lyrics some make sense others don’t but after a few days stuff comes together. I read a lot of Luganda traditional stories and norms just to be updated with fresh local ideas. Right now, I want to create my own brand and make music traditionally entertaining. That's why I fuse urban beats with local content. I like to call my style the Urban Kidandali.

How many singles do you have out?
I have two releases out; ‘Niwatwire’ and Love Yebigambo which have both received massive radio play and I couldn’t be more humbled. I thank God for the Deejays.

Cosign has worked as back up for Abaasa, Pryce Teeba, Patrobas and Lillian Mbabazi, which explains how good he sounds on a record. Watch out for this kid, I am so sure sponsors will be bank rolling on this boy soon.


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