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Kampala Twins Festival: The day is here!

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Added 20th August 2017 07:30 AM

All set for a fun-filled day of double love at Kyadondo Rugby Club in yet another edition of the Kampala Twins Festival.

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All set for a fun-filled day of double love at Kyadondo Rugby Club in yet another edition of the Kampala Twins Festival.


WHAT          :   2017 Kampala Twins Festival

VENUE         :   Kyadondo Rugby Club, Kampala
WHEN          :   Today (Sunday, August 20)

ENTRY FEE   :   Sh10, 000

TIME            :   Gates open at 10am


KAMPALA - The stage is set for yet another day of fun, a day of double love, a day of pairs. It's the 2017 edition of the Kampala Twins Festival!

And it is all going down at Kyadondo Rugby Club at Lugogo.

There wil be a kids play area, bouncing castle, face painting, candy machine, outdoor games, entertainment as well as a photo booth. It cannot get any better than this, can it?

The special entertainment will feature some of your favorite musicians including Rema Namakula, Mun G and B2C.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the much-anticipated event, preparations were in high gear to plug all the round pegs into the round holes and the square ones into their respective square holes.

Here is how the committed teams got down to some stage-setting work . . .


The weather on Saturday was kind enough to let the teams gone on about their work just fine. Hopefully, Mother Nature will be as kind today as well.

There is a huge promise that it will be so, as the sun starts to peek through the Sunday morning clouds here in Kampala.

(Update at 8.48am): Oops, a drizzle . . . or, is this a blessing?




With such a massive stage in-the-making, you can only expect nothing short of loads and loads of entertainment.




What's a day of fun without music, eh?

Of course there will be plenty of music being pumped through the music systems. The technical people made sure to install everything in their right place so that the music will flow without any glitch.




Teardrops were erected at the famous rugby grounds.




Will you be a part of the event? Don't miss out on the fun. Certainly plenty of memories to collect at the end of the day.












Along the way, the Vision Group team supervising the event took time off for a group photo. There will be plenty of pearly whites on display today.

So . . .

Outfits ready? Check.

Fun mood turned on? Check.

Selfie mode on? Check.

Your twin ready? Check.

Time for some double love then!

Meanwhile, you can travel back in time to check out how last year's Twins Festival went HERE




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