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Visiting Turks ignite Nabisunsa students' science passion

By Francis Emorut

Added 17th August 2017 10:09 AM

“The purpose of conducting experiments is to make African science students get familiar with scientific processes."

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The science practical experiments conducted by Turkish science teachers and students could never have come at a better time for the students of Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School who are due to sit their national exams (UNEB) this October.

The experiments in science subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics will enable students acquaint themselves with the practicals before sitting their exams, said Nabisunsa headteacher Hajat Zulaika Nabukeera.

It will also aid the students in the technological know-how.

Nabukeera said this during a science experiments demonstration exercise at the school spearheaded by students and teachers from Turkey.

Students listen keenly to a visiting Turkish science teacher during a practical exercise 

The exercise was supported by the Turkish Embassy in Uganda and in partnership with Always Be Tolerant (ABETO), a non-governmental organization.

The school head said the workshop will benefit students as they learn and explore new technologies as well as build networks with their Turkish counterparts.

“The purpose of conducting experiments is to make African science students get familiar with scientific processes so that they can demonstrate skills learnt in their communities,” said Busra Bulus, a Chemistry teacher from Turkey.


One of the experiments was the tear gas explosion. The idea got the students anxious with excitement, and when the actual experiment was conducted, some even tried to take cover in fear.

But generally, they enjoyed it.

The chairman of ABETO, Moses Musana, noted that Uganda today places a lot of emphasis on science subjects instruction because the country is convinced that this is the way to advance technologically.

Volkan Sahinkaya, charge d’affairs of the Turkish Embassy, said Turkey and Uganda are going to strengthen cooperation in the field of education and scholarships will be given to Ugandan students.

He revealed that this academic year (2017/2018), the Turkish government is offering scholarships for 15 students to do Masters and PhDs in science and social subjects.

From 2nd-left, Ibrahim Basaran, ABETO's chairman Moses Musana, Volkan Sahinkaya, Nabisunsa headteacher Hajjat Zulaika Nabukeera and commissioner Ismael Mulindwa listen to a Turkish Chemistry teacher during the exercise

Sahinkaya said that since 2010, 183 Ugandan students have benefited from Turkish scholarships, adding that Turkey's development assistance to Uganda is without any political conditionality.

The Tika Foundation official, Ibrahim Basaran, said his organization is committed to skill Ugandan science students in order to advance their careers.

Ismael Mulindwa, the commissioner in charge of private secondary schools and institutions in the ministry of education, reteirated government's commitment to promote the teaching of science subjects.

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