Use old materials for flowers

By Victoria Nampala

Added 15th August 2017 04:54 PM

Those old things can make amazing and unique flower features, which beautify the home.

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Decorating your compound may be done by planting trees. Besides lawn and simple trees, people can take a step further to put other various features in their compounds for beauty.

Since a good compound creates the first impression to the house, how it looks matters and this depends on the owner’s sense of creativity.


Flower lovers waste no more of the old things  in a home as they can be turned into flower pots.

 Those old things can make amazing and unique flower features, which beautify the home.

Ruth Banoba, a florist from Mulago, Kampala, suggests that at home, there can be so many unwanted items, which range from old furniture, kitchen ware, bathroom ware, shoes, bags, boxes.

These can be utilized very well other than those expensive clay and plastic pots on the market, yet they are very fragile and expensive to maintain.

Others include; children toys, poultry feeders, food sacks and soda crates, which can be put to use for a long period of time and make the compound look nice.


She, however, advises users to first wash the materials to be used as flower pots and ensure that they are very clean and are free from causing any harm to a person in a home

About choosing flowers Ruth Banoba, says you should choose flowers that complement each other. She says flowers bring the natural colour in a home. Select some flowers with a rich aroma.

Ssempala advises that when choosing what to add in your compound, keep in mind the effect it will have on the house , that is, mind the colour, the duration because most people may invest in things that may get damaged easily and die off quickly.

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