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FDC presidential nominations: Muntu seeks re-election

By Vision Reporters

Added 14th August 2017 10:59 AM

The FDC party is gearing up for its own presidential race and party president Muntu is seeking to retain his position.

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The FDC party is gearing up for its own presidential race and party president Muntu is seeking to retain his position.

PIC: FDC president Muntu flashed the party's V-sign as his supporters cheered him on. (Credit: Eddie Ssejjoba)


KAMPALA - The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) opposition party kicked off a two-day party presidential nomination exercise Monday, with as many six people hoping to get the nod.

On day one, three of the six people did manage to get nominated.

Dan Malcom Masiko was the first to get nominated at the party's headquarters in Najjanankumbi.



After getting the green light, Masiko, flanked by his wife Faith, addressed reporters.



Meanwhile, Moses Byamugisha was the second candidate to arrive for nominations at the FDC offices. He was accompanied by his wife Rebecca and their two-year-old daughter Renata Ayebale.




Another person interested in the party's top post is the man in the seat himself: Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

Muntu, who succeeded FDC founding president Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2012, is seeking a second term at the helm of the leading opposition party in Uganda.

The buildup to his anticipated nomination attracted the most attention.

Earlier, on the morning of his nomination, Muntu's security team appeared set to escort his convoy to his nomination from Jokas Bweyogerere.



Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda is the chairman of Muntu's nomination committee. On Monday, he was pictured in the company of party deputy spokesperson Paul Mwiru and Angellina Osege at Namboole, Bweyogerere waiting to receive their man.


Muntu, 58, was expected to be nominated at around 1pm local time on day one. A large group of his supporters were in dance mood as they awaited his arrival at Jokas, where pre- and post-nomination activities were to be held.

And just like we have seen all too often at various activities, the famed 'paka chini' [Kiswahili for 'going down'] dance stroke featured during the pre-nomination activities.

And Semujju showed just how rubbery his limbs can get . . .well, kind of!


And he was not done yet.

He also dared take on the experts of the Ganda dance.


There was all sorts of support for Muntu, including the Lango community . . .



It was a carnivore-like atmosphere at Jokas.


The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Winfred Kiiza, wearing a blue gomesi, was welcomed at Jokas by Ssemujju and co.


And then the man at the centre of all the attention made appearance ahead of his expected nomination. He flashed his pearly whites as he was warmly welcomed.



Muntu also flashed the party's V-sign during his lively reception at Jokas.





Once the pre-nomination activities were done, it was time for Muntu and co. to make their way to the FDC head offices in Najjanakumbi.

His entourage carried an air of importance as well . . .


 Once at the party headquarters, Muntu was delighted to get nominated.


The other three hopefuls are expected to present their nomination forms on Tuesday. They are: Mubarak Munyagwa, Patrick Amuriat and Moses Lukubira Bakubi.


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