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Kaweesi's last-born child Kaweesi Jr baptized

By Dismus Buregyeya

Added 6th August 2017 06:38 PM

It was a colorful ceremony which attracted hundreds of people.

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It was a colorful ceremony which attracted hundreds of people.

There was a party organized after the baptism mass. (Credit: Dismus Buregyeya)


MASAKA - Andrew Felix Kaweesi Jr., born after the death of his father earlier this year, has been baptized in Masaka district.

The healthy-looking baby boy was baptized by US-based Catholic priest Rev. Fr. John Mary Lukyamuzi.

When police spokesperson AIG Andrew Felix Kaweesi was brutally killed alongside his bodyguard and driver in March, his wife was heavily pregnant.

She delivered only a few days after that dark day that shook the nation.


A little under five months since, their last-born child got baptized at into the Catholic faith at Ebenezer Devotion Centre, Kamuzinda village in Kyanamukaka.

It was a colorful ceremony which attracted hundreds of people.

Fr Lukyamuzi, who is based in Virginia, adopted the late Kaweesi Snr. during his childhood before he left for the US, leaving him under the care of his brother, the private principal secretary to the Vice President, Kityamuwesi Musubire.

Musubire told New Vision they sponsored the education of Kaweesi Snr. from primary, secondary and university. “The idea to have Andrew Felix Kaweesi Jr. baptized at this home was because the deceased grew up under the care and support of our family,” he said.



Musubire said they want to groom baby Kaweeso into a God-fearing personality so that he can emulate his parents.  “The discipline and religious character of the late Kaweesi was because of his religious background in our family and we want his children to emulate him."

US dental medical personnel couple Adam and Christine Schulz stood as the godparents of the baby. Over 30 children were also baptised during the mass.


Relatives and family members led by the widow Annet Kaweesi remained behind after the mass to attend a party organized by Fr Lukyamuzi, Musubire and the US friends.

Deputy Bank of Uganda Governor, Louis Kasekende, the State House financial control,  Chistine Nakyobe, prominent businessmen from Kampala and Masaka and US navy officers attended the ceremony.

Earlier, the locals and the Catholic clergy held a nine-day special prayers and festivals at the Allied Gorottos of Jesus Christian and Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.  The facility was officially opened by Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala.

The US medical team also sponsored a dental camp at Kamuzinda which was officially opened by Vice President Edward Ssekandi.

Last year, the Ebenezer Foundation, where AIGP Kaweesi was part of the leadership, distributed 100 solar panels  in Kyanamukaka.


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