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Kagame headed for landslide victory

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The incumbent's rallies have turn more into celebrations of his achievements

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The incumbent's rallies have turn more into celebrations of his achievements

Incumbent Rwandan President Paul Kagame (L) greets a crowd of supporters as he arrives for a campaign rally in Gakenke. AFP Photo

The incumbent Paul Kagame is set to win this week’s election by a landslide.

Rwanda goes to poll on Friday in an election in which three candidates are in the race for Presidency. 

This will be the third general election since the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) overran the ex-genocidal regime in 1994 and took power.

Three candidates are in the race and Kagame also the RPF chairman has an edge over his two rivals. The two are Frank Habineza of the Green Party of Rwanda and independent candidate Philippe Mpayimana.

In the last two elections held in 2003 and 2010 Kagame won by landslide with 95% and 93% of total votes respectively. It is widely believed he will still secure a resounding victory garnering not less than 90% votes. Voter turnout is expected to be high.

Kagame’s rallies have turn more into celebrations of his achievements. Rwanda which was a killing field in 1994 has steadily developed into an efficient country where it is easy to do business.

Its economy is performing well. Past divisions between the Tutsi and Hutu have gone silent. The country has never been more united in its history than today.

The streets of Kigali are filled with beaming people going about their business assured of security and stability. Similarly the countryside is packed with people proud of living in a peaceful country.

The people are happy that Kagame listened to their call and accepted to run for a third term. They expressed their wish in petitions to Parliament, which culminated into a referendum. And the overwhelming voted for the lifting of the term limits in 2015. 

Before that, the Rwandan Constitution had a two term limit cap. 

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