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To get a total work-out that is not limited to moderate weather, you will need to join a gym.

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To get a total work-out that is not limited to moderate weather, you will need to join a gym.


We all know exercise is good and is recommended for one to stay healthy. As a result, some of us end up visiting the gym several times a week.  But in every exercise, there should be something one strives to achieve. This could range from fitness, weight loss, controlling disease, or even to link up with friends since such places can be a great social hub.

To get a total work-out that is not limited to moderate weather, you will need to join a gym. But with the chaotic work schedules and expensive gym memberships, working out at home can be of great value and convenience.

Kawempe gym instructor Martin Mutawe says setting up a home gym is one thing, but making the equipment choices, price differences and space considerations can boggle the mind.

The major advantage of a home gym is convenience.

Suzan Namakula, an architect, says the first consideration for home gyms is the location. The basement, an extra bedroom or part of a family room are common options. It should be well ventilated and with sufficient lighting.

 “The all-purpose home workout machine has sections for a treadmill for total body work-out, stomach bench, rowing machine (for the back, arms and legs), free weights, push-up bars, waist-twisters, skipping ropes and massage roller among others. It comes with wheels so it is easy to place either on the balcony, in the shade, garage or in a free room.

“A fitness check at a gym will determine your current level of fitness and from this a safe and enjoyable set there at of exercises can be determined in line with what you want to achieve,” Namakula says.

Mutawe says in determining what fitness equipment to purchase, you need to define your goals and consider the type of exercise machines. “Depending on the model of purchase, you can get over 50 exercises from one machine”.


The price range for a single treadmill is between sh800,000 and sh1.2m; stomach bench sh200,000 and sh600,000; rowing machine sh300,000 and sh800,000; free weights from 5-50kg sh5,000 and sh80,000; massage machine sh300,000 and sh650,000; skipping ropes  sh5,000 and sh25,000 and the push-up bars sh30,000 and sh100,000.

When it comes to storage, even in a 12 by 12 space, gym equipment can be placed accordingly, but with thought.

For the skipping ropes, free weights and stomach bench or mat, these can be folded and rolled under a bed or tucked away in a corridor for easy access.

The treadmill or cycling bike would demand for more space, so the balcony or living room corner would be ideal. But for those with verandas or expansive patios, the treadmill and cycling would settle only appropriately.

And because the massager machine uses electricity, it can be connected in the sitting room after pushing the furniture aside and then tucked away in the store afterwards.

“However, the important principle in setting a home gym is, remember that high quality equipment that work reliably after several years of heavy use cannot be got cheaply,” says Mutawe.

“Examining the product, its features, design, safety and serviceability, is very important. The equipment should be comfortable, easy to learn and able to fit users of various sizes,” he adds.


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