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Promote peace and human rights, students urged

By Francis Emorut

Added 17th July 2017 09:29 AM

“If you want to become great people in society you should fight for injustices and promote peace."

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PIC: The head girl of Mariam High School, Karima Kasim receives copies of peace education training guide for unity and progress from chairman of  Always Be Tolerant Moses Musana  and Prof. Syed Abidi (right). (Credit: Francis Emorut)


KAMPALA - On Tuesday, the world will mark Nelson Mandela International Day, celebrated every July 18.

Ahead of that day, Makerere University lecturer, Prof. Syed Abidi has advised students to promote peace, human rights and fight for social justice as they aspire to become leaders.

He said students should champion the cause of peaceful co-existence and avoid discrimination along religious denominations and political affiliations.

Mariam High School students reading a copy of a peace education training guide for unity and progress

Abidi was speaking during a memorial lecture to commemorate the Mandela Day at Mariam High School in Kampala.

“If you want to become great people in society, you should fight for injustices and promote peace as well as defend human rights,” he addressed students and teachers.

He also reminded them that former South African leader and anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter who championed the fight against social injustices during the apartheid rule.

Abidi also urged students to be God-fearing and respect others if they are to become great leaders.

The school's headteacher Hajat Janat Kakumba told the guests that the school administration embraces different religious affiliations as a sign of peaceful co-existence and encouraged students to maintain the same standards despite being a girls Muslim-founded school.

From left, Prof. Syed Abidi, school's board of governors chairman Simbwa Bunye, Moses Musana and headteacher Hajat Janat Kakumba at the school

The chairman of Always Be Tolerant, Moses Musana also attended the memorial lecture. He urge students to emulate Mandela’s character of fighting for social justice and promote peace.

Suzan Muset, a student, encouraged fellow students to always pursue their goals and be persistent, never giving up.

Another student, Melisha Akiiki, said the memorial lecture was resourceful in that it will help her advocate peaceful co-existence and social justice.

The resident director of Mariam High School, Haji Jamil Buwembo implored students to work hard and realize their goals like Mandela did.

A consignment of books that provide insight on conflict management, human rights, gender issues, nationalism and patriotism were given to the school by Always Be Tolerant Organization.

Also present at the lecture was Kampala district khadi Sheik Habiib Luswabi and Simbwa Bunnya, the chairman of the board of governors of Mariam High School.


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