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Will Bobi Wine still be with that crowd after swearing in?

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Yes the Ghetto gladiator made it overwhelmingly and no one disputed his victory like others do

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David Serumaga is the president of the Buganda Youth Wing

Yes the Ghetto gladiator made it overwhelmingly and no one disputed his victory like others do

Tuesday July 11, 2017 was history in making as the doors of the Parliament of the republic of Uganda were widely opened to the ghetto as their president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu accompanied his supporters was swearing in as the fully member of parliament for Kyadondo East.

After beating all political odds in the Kyadondo East elections, Bobi Wine is currently a hot cake among all legislators and a talk on every media platform here in Uganda and the international scene. Him as a musician, he had built his image as a revolutionary man through his songs like; Obululu Tebutwawula, Time Bomb, Obuyonjo, Jennifer, Ebibuuzo, Situuka, Ndi Muna Uganda and Bikwase Kyagulanyi among others.

Yes the Ghetto gladiator made it overwhelmingly and no one disputed his victory like others do. All political parties promised to persuade him to join them since he came on an independent card meaning that Bobi is like Christiano Ronaldo which every team would like to buy.

We all agree that Bobi won extremely even in the residents of Dr. Kizza Besigye whom we expected that his candidate Kantinti would sweep since his boss Besigye was in the area. Bobi Wine’s victory has made some people to sarcastically igniting confidence in him that he can stand for presidency in 2021.

Through his music message and the attracting oratory language, the public is expecting much more from Bobi than any other leader can give. He is now representing a constituency which has been under the opposition leadership for so long and all have been promising to transform it and look like London. The message they used then is slightly the same as Bobi has been packaging in his music and used on political platforms and in the end, nothing visible is done.

After he was declared a winner, many political leaders congratulated over his landslide victory but I was impressed by Dr. Besigye’s comment in the media where he said that “there is nothing much Bobi Wine is going to change in Kyadondo”, he might be having crowds and the message that people want to hear but implementing it can be a disaster. 

When we have a flashback on Uganda’s politicians who had crowds, you realise that after some few years, their own supporters start to criticise them for not walking the talk. I could not believe that an FDC candidate can be won in area where Dr. Besigye his lead campaigner stays. This proved that however Dr. Besigye has been talking a lot on revolution, people have lost hope in him even though he is their neighbor or talks about issues that affect them. This misfortune that Bobi gave to Besigye is a sign that Dr. Besigye has a lot to do to regain his political popularity.

I remember those days when the former Lubaga South Member of Parliament Hon. Kenny Lukyamuzi “The Man” was on everyone’s lips, made headlines in media for a period of time, whenever he could stand on local political debates “Ebimeesa” all other politicians could shiver. Right now, he is in his home resting after being won by a comedian Hon. Kato Lubwama. Voters in Lubaga South realized that he was using them to achieve his goals, he could talk a lot and at the end their constituency remains the same.   

Who did not see or hear Elias Lukwago of 2006 and 2011, he was politically bloody. All the public mainly in Buganda could bow down for him. His crowd was extremely unbelievable; sometimes he could fail to speak on rallies due to the time taken on his way to the campaigning ground because of massive crowds. 

For us who were not in Kampala by then to see him physically, we could gather around the “Sembule” radio and listen to him quietly. Sometimes our parents could chase us from listening to the same radio not to make noise for them when the man whom they seemed to liberate Uganda was talking. 

To prove that this man was believed, politically strong and a good orator, in 2011 elections, he gained more than 80% in the election of the lord mayorship. Although his voice could make could make the state hold meetings. I was surprised to see his own voters at pack yard running after him with sticks and stones. Couldn’t be the security’s intervention and his driver being fast, the Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago would have been seriously beaten or killed by the mob.

As the doors of the Parliament were opened for the ghetto president, will Bobi Wine still be with that crowd after some period? From the time he was elected as a Member of Parliament, he has been having a lot of crowds following him as their messiah but as we have seen that there some politicians who were like Bobi Wine and after few years, they disappeared with their crowds.

Excitement is extraordinary high among all Ugandans expecting the Bikwase Kyagulanyi slogan to weep away their political hunger not forgetting that Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine is not a politician but a leader as he has been claiming although he is in a political position. 

Is Bobi the new Uganda’s political messiah since he has encouraged the public to give him their burdens and others are sarcastically fronts him to stand for presidency? Congratulation Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu

The writer is the president of the Buganda Youth Wing

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