Rwanda polls: Kagame set to kick off campaigns

By Hope Mafaranga

Added 14th July 2017 04:58 AM

RPF flagbearer President Paul Kagame is seeking a third seven-year term in power.

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RPF flagbearer President Paul Kagame is seeking a third seven-year term in power.

Rwandan president and RPF flagbearer Paul Kagame. (Photo credit: AFP)


KIGALI - The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) launches its presidential campaign Friday, to kick-start a journey that will take the ruling party's candidate President Paul Kagame to 30 districts of Rwanda.

The campaigns will take a period of three weeks, according to Francois Ngarambe, the RPF secretary general.

Ngarambe told reporters on Thursday at the RPF campaign media center in Kacyiru, Kigali that on his campaign trail, Kagame will interact with locals to hear the challenges they are facing.

“The RPF chairman, President Paul Kagame, will meet with Rwandans in every district to witness the progress made and hear the challenges citizens face.

"We look forward to continue working together with all Rwandans to find solutions faster through the new RPF manifesto. The aim of the RPF is to leave no citizen behind,” he said.

Francois also outlined the achievements of Kagame's government in the last seven years.

He said they have made significant progress in all the key areas including the economy, social welfare, good governance and justice.

“The driving force behind the results we see is the determination and hard work of Rwandans, and of RPF’s commitment to Rwanda's transformation."

Kagame is facing two other candidates: Philippe Mpayimana of Rwanda Democratic Green Party and Frank Habineza an independent candidate.

Kagame, who is seeking a third term of seven years at the helm of the eastern Africa nation, was elected by his party members as the flagbearer on June 17.

His election by his party members followed a referendum conducted on December 19, 2015 to lift his term of office where 98.3% of Rwandan citizens voted in a support of the amendment of the constitution to allow Kagame to contest again.
Wellars Gasamagera, the RPF commissioner and campaign spokesperson, urged Rwandans to participate in the RPF campaign rallies taking place in their communities, and exercise their right to vote on August 4.


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