Induction for new ambassadors gets underway

By David Lumu

Added 11th July 2017 09:26 AM

The first week of the induction will focus on the public service and government

The induction for over 30 newly appointed ambassadors has kicked-off today, with Government officials expecting the new crop of envoys to focus on the country’s new foreign policy agenda of commercial diplomacy.

The two-week induction, which ends on July 21, was approved by the top management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to among other things equip new envoys with diplomatic skills and also refresh seasoned heads of missions with new service delivery demands in the international arena.

According to Margret Awino Kafeero, the head of public diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the first week of the induction will focus on the public service and government. In the second week, she added, experts will tackle how envoys can implement commercial and economic diplomacy.

“The main objective of the orientation and induction training will be to initiate newly appointed Heads of Missions and Deputy Heads of Missions into a professional Foreign Service with common values, ethos, doctrine and commitment to service delivery excellence and to refresh continuing Heads of Missions and Deputies,” she said.

The induction is conducted at the Civil Service College, Jinja.

In January, President Yoweri Museveni, appointed 37 new ambassadors.

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