Lokodo wades into Kalule leaked video controversy

By Musa Ssemwanga

Added 19th June 2017 11:22 AM

According to the singer, an unknown person hacked into her phone and leaked the video

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State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, has weighed in on singer Angela Kalule's leaked video. 

In the private video, Kalule is seen professing her undying love to her partner before exposing herself among other things. 

According to Kalule, an unknown person hacked into her phone and leaked the video before she reported the case of theft of the phone to Police. 

However, Lokodo's intervention follows allegations that the video was intentionally leaked by the singer to revive her music career. 

“It seems it has become a norm amongst forgotten artists to use nudity as a ladder towards their return to stardom but serious action is to start with Kalule” Lokodo said in a phone interview. 

Kalule under her Kangie Band has for a while long struggled to register a hit on the music charts following her hit 'Katikitiki'.​

Lokodo also cited Desire Luzinda's case in 0ctober 2014 when the singer was accused of leaking nude pictures of herself before later releasing the song 'Ekitone' which enjoyed a lot of airplay. 

The minister has instructed security organs to conduct thorough investigations into the matter and promised to take serious action as per the law. 

“Tomorrow (Monday) our intelligence team in Kibuli will start an in depth investigation into this matter and whoever falls victim of either leaking or the theft of Kalule's phone will answer in the courts of law” Lokodo said. 

A number of celebrities over the years including Hellen Lukoma, Zari Hassa, Brenda Nambi, Cindy Ssanyu, Maureen Namatovu (2007 Big Brother) have had nude images of the leaked.

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