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Magogo nominated as Mujibu cries foul

By James Bakama, Shafik Ssenoga

Added 17th June 2017 06:37 PM

Magogo and Kasule are the only contestants for the country’s top football job.

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Magogo and Kasule are the only contestants for the country’s top football job.

FUFA presidential candidate Mujib Kasule has cried foul over what he describes as an unfair electoral process.

Kasule, who couldn’t complete his nomination on Friday, has threatened to take legal action if FUFA’s electoral committee doesn’t reconsider its position.

The process took an ugly twist as Kasule’s vehicle was vandalized. One of the windows of his car was stoned.

“If I am not nominated on Monday, I am going to court,” a bitter Kasule, seconded by Vipers and SC Villa, complained.

Magogo cleared

Incumbent Moses Magogo, the other candidate, on the same day had his nomination passed hours before Kasule was blocked for not meeting all requirements.

Kasule complained that he was informed by the electoral committee that his forms were lacking some documents.

“They told me I lacked some academic documents on my forms but that was not my mistake it was theirs,” he said.

“They informed me on Thursday at 5:40pm that I should come with certified documents from UNEB for my executive members.”

He described the condition as an ambush.

“At that moment, I couldn’t meet that condition considering that some of my executive members were in Arua (for Uganda Cup final),” he added.

Kasule’s nomination was also complicated by an SC Villa petition presented by one Katongole (Sellezous) disowning him.

Kasule dismissed the handwritten petition arguing that it shouldn’t have been considered given that he had been seconded by Villa president Ben Misagga.

Magogo and Kasule are the only contestants for the country’s top football job. Elections are scheduled for August.

Magogo has been FUFA president since 2013. He took over from Lawrence Mulindwa who served for two terms.

Electoral committee explains

FUFA electoral committee chairman Sam Bakiika said that Kasule lacked some documents. He also explained that Kasule failed to report to Mengo within the set time.

“Kasule was supposed to return his nomination forms and other required documents at  2:30pm but he didn’t follow that,” Bakiika stated.

He actually came before that time and stood outside the gate then went away. He later returned after 4pm with some documents missing on his forms.”

Bakiika said the committee would convene tomorrow to decide on the matter.

Kasule attacked by hooligans

Kasule attributed his delay to the attack by hooligans. “It’s sad that such things are happening because of elections,” said Kasule.

He said he requested police at the FUFA headquarters to arrest the culprit who stoned his vehicle but they didn’t.

“I therefore had to first go to Old Kampala Police station to report the case then I returned,” Kasule added.

The hooligan who stoned the car was on a boda boda.

He reportedly warned him to drop out of the presidential race.

The FUFA election that will usher in the new president is slated for August 5 in Masindi. A total of 88 delegates will vote during the assembly.

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