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How to deal with constipation

By Jacquiline Nakandi

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Health wise a person should visit the wash rooms about 3 times a day.

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Health wise a person should visit the wash rooms about 3 times a day.

Have you ever visited a wash room and you cannot pass out stool, at some point everyone goes through this painful moment. Peterson Kato KiKomeko, a nutrition lecturer at Kyambogo University says constipation is difficulty in passing out stool.

Healthwise, a person should visit the wash rooms about three times a day.

How do you tell you’re constipated?

According to an online is source one can have a swollen or painful belly, few bowel movements, trouble having a bowel movement, hard or small tool, a sense that everything did not come out, and throwing up among others.


Kikomeko says, failure or low consumption of fibers.

Physical inactivity, this is usually common in bedridden patients. 

Some medications

Intestinal diseases

How to prevent it

Kikomeko says that first identify what is causing the constipation, for instance if it is lack of fiber increase fiber in your diet by eating vegetables, fruits like pineapples, legumes like beans, soya and eating unrefined foods.

However, he cautions too much fiber is not recommended because it instead causes diarrhea.

“Serving of fiber should be 30 grams a day like a piece of pineapples, three to four table spoons of vegetables,” he advises.

For the bedridden patients, health workers are encouraged to make them active through massage and physiotherapy.

Before taking any medication, ask the doctor for the likely side effects or read the prescription sheet found inside the medicine box.

Proper treatment of intestinal diseases.     

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