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Teso officials told to submit procurement plans early

By Abraham Elapu

Added 24th May 2017 04:08 PM

Soroti and Katakwi have had to return money

The Minister for Teso Affairs, Jaf Akiror, has challenged local governments in the region to start the procurement processes early.

Her appeal follows the tendency where districts send money back to the treasury’s consolidated fund as a result of delayed submissions of procurement plans.

Akiror made the remarks in a meeting with political leadership and the technical staff of Katakwi at the district headquarters on Tuesday. 

Akiror explained that delayed submissions of procurement plans to the central government resulted into some districts in Teso having their funds returned after failure to utilize them. 

She named the districts of Soroti and Katakwi as some that have had to return money.

Jimmy Walamoi, the Katakwi deputy CAO, asked Akiror to talk to government to address the issue of funds being returned even when the submissions are done ahead of time.

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