'Teaching sciences in local languages'

By Carol Kasujja

Added 22nd May 2017 12:38 PM

The academicians observed the need for teaching sciences in local languages. They demanded that all instructional materials in sciences should be changed into local languages for better understanding.

Educationists have urged government to spearhead the efforts in promotion of mother tongue and local language as a spring board for development.

The academicians observed the need for teaching sciences into local languages. They demanded that all instructional materials in sciences should be changed in local languages for better understanding.

Speaking at inaugural symposium of the Intellectualisation of African Languages Initiative (IALI) at the Design Hub in Industrial Area on Friday, the lead researcher Rtd Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Charles Mwanga said if people start thinking indigenous languages, we shall come up with good concepts even those better than the Japanese.

“Thinking and being creative are intellectual skills inevitably needed to learn and promote science. Any human being thinks in a language he has most concepts in, which thoughts are translated into meaningful discoveries and innovations, on which science hinges. A person who is well grounded in a local language is most likely to have an organized thought which result into useful discoveries,” he said.

Addressing the conference, the chairman IALI, Simon Mukasa said the association has over recent years created luganda words that now needs to be incorporated in other local languages. Quoting a recent World Bank report conducted in Mali, Mukasa said those who were taught in their local languages learnt better than others.

“English limits people to participate in discussions. That is why we need to promote science languages. Promotion of science is done using scientist cannot invent name, try out experiment and disseminate results without using language,” he said.

Dr. Adam Kimala, a renowned writer said there is no country that grows in sciences using other languages.

“We shall remain the same if we don’t promote our local languages. The Japanese did it sometime back and they are far in terms of sciences. The more we know our indigenous languages the more we shall learn more,” Kimala stressed.

Kimala noted that in order for Uganda to have a benchmark for education for all, one of the tangible attainment targets is the ability to invent. The world will know that the invented good was made in Uganda if instructions are marked in a Ugandan language eh china there is also need to increase on the number of people who can invent. And invention can only be done by an individual whose expression of thoughts is done in a local language before it is translated to English.

Gerald N Bukenya the Commissioner for Education in the Buganda Kingdom who represented the Director National Curricullum Development Center (NCDC) said that if Uganda is to endeavor to promote sciences, there is need to train the people to think right which is basically done using a local language.

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