Cabbage, French beans prices still low

By Ruth Nanfuka

Added 17th May 2017 07:56 PM

Depending on the size, a small cabbage costs sh300

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At beginning of the rainy season late last month, the supply of cabbage is quite impressive.

The prices have dropped making the vegetable affordable on the market.

Depending on the size, a small cabbage costs sh300 which previously was at sh800 while a big sized cabbage is now at sh2,000 where the latter price was ranging from sh3,000 to sh4,000.

“The supply is high because of the rainy season,” said Racheal Kyomuhendo a trader in Kalerwe Market.

She added that the sun affects cabbage growth though they usually come out well compacted unlike the ones got during the rainy season where they have a lot of space within.

French beans

“This vegetable is on season,” says Sumayiya Nanteza a market attendant in Nakasero Market.

A heap of French beans goes for sh1,000 unlike in times when the supply is low and it costs sh2,000.

However, Nanteza stresses that the rainy season affects their sustainability in the market as it causes them to rot easily leading them to increase the quantity in the heap to avoid losses.

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