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Follow clear procedures to get diocese, Bishop Kisembo advises

By Wilson Asiimwe

Added 11th May 2017 07:11 PM

Last year Christians announced plans to break away from Rwenzori Diocese

The Bishop of the Rwenzori diocese, Reuben Kisembo, has advised Christians in Bundibugyo district to follow the procedures of the Anglican Church of Uganda as they demand for their own separate diocese.

Kisembo said Bundibugyo is free to break away from Rwenzori diocese provided they follow the procedures set up by the province of the Church of Uganda.

Kisembo disclosed that as a diocese of Rwenzori they had agreed to grant the Anglicans from Bundibugyo district their own diocese.

While addressing journalists, Wednesday at St. John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal, Kisembo noted that in a period of 2 to 3 years, Bundibugyo diocese will be granted but only if they follow the right procedures and meet the requirements.

“As a diocese we don’t have any problem with Bundibugyo getting a diocese status because we agreed on it but there procedures which must be followed and before a diocese is granted we assess if all the conditions have been met,” says Kisembo.

According to Kisembo, there are only 21 parishes in Bundibugyo and not 25 as this is one of the requirements for a diocese.

“A diocese must be consisting of more than 25 parishes and in this case Bundibugyo still has 21 so Christians should be patient within a few years they will be having their own diocese.

Last year, Christians led by Charles Kisembo, the head of laity at Bumadu Archdeaconry announced plans to break away from Rwenzori Diocese and form West Rwenzori diocese with its headquarters at Bumandu in Bundibugyo district. 

Kisembo alleged that they are being marginalized and oppressed by Rwenzori diocese.

Kisembo also claims that there has been mismanagement of funds by some clergy based at the Diocesan headquarters in Fort Portal and Bishop Kisembo has done nothing to address the problem.

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