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Mayuge police recover fake guns, army uniforms

By Betty Angatai

Added 3rd May 2017 01:05 PM

“They stage unlawful road blocks along the ways to rob people."

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“They stage unlawful road blocks along the ways to rob people."

PIC: Here, Police's James Mubi displays the fake guns recovered in Bukuku village, Mayuge district. (Credit: Betty Angatai)

The police in Mayuge district have recovered army uniforms and fake guns in a forested location in Bukuku village in Kityerera sub-county.

According to Busoga East police spokesperson James Mubi, items were found abandoned not far away from the Bwondha-Bugadde road.

He said they were used by suspected robbers to terrorize residents in Bwondha, Bugadde and Mayuge areas.

“They stage unlawful road blocks along the way to rob people,” said Mubi, adding that the suspected robbers target boda boda cyclists and business people.

Three toy guns, four army training uniforms and ropes were recovered. Mubi said the toy guns are made using wood and welded metals to give them a realistic look.

“The toy guns are deadly. They have welded metals which can be used to hit someone to death."

Until the latest recovery, residents reportedly used to suspect people in the armed forces to be the ones robbing them. (Credit: Betty Angatai)


The ropes are also used to tie residents on trees in case they fail to abide by the robbers' demands.

Paul Isiko, the LC1 chairperson of Bukuku village, said that a number of cases of robbery have occurred and been reported in the area.

“At first residents thought they were being robbed by police and army officers. The robbers are clad in uniform belonging to the forces,” said Isiko. He reported the matter to the authorities who immediately launched investigations.

He said Bukuku area is a hub robberies since it has a forest.

"The robbers utilize the availability of the forest in the area to rob people. Some have been robbed and later dumped alive in the forest while tied with ropes."

Mubi said that they have intensified their operations in order to tighten security in communities and also to net the suspected robbers.


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