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Parliament accountant cited in land grabbing

By Paul Kiwuuwa

Added 30th April 2017 03:33 PM

I own land in Nakaseke. I recently went there, the residents told me if I don't help them by the time I go back I would find them evicted.

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Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Grieves Byakika Wakutala, an assistant accountant in parliament has been named in a land grabbing case in Wobulenzi town council in Luwero district.

Byakikas's name was among those on the list of people who are accused of fraudulently acquiring land from over 20 family members of Luyimbazi estates. The family petitioned the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga on March, 27, 2017.

The land in question is located on block 586, plot 2, Lugolode, Bulemezi measuring 520.0 hectares.

 It is registered under certificate of land titles in the names of Luyimbazi Zaake estates limited.

When contacted, Byakika said that he bought the land from the directors of Luyimbazi estates and denied influence peddling to acquire it.

 "I have never used Kadaga's name to acquire the land neither can I use it in personal dealings. Those people are tarnishing my name for no good reason," Byakika said.

He revealed that he bought the land at sh800m after selling off his land in Mukono Municipality.

"By the time I bought the land, it had no squatters and it was a plain forest.  What I know I still owe them sh150m only," he said.

Byakika also attacked Nakaseke South MP Paul Kasana Luttamaguzi for politicizing land affairs in Luwero district, which he said is dangerous to the community.

However, speaking to New vision Luttamaguzi decried increased land grabbing and evictions in Nakaseke and Wobulenzi town council.

 "Land grabbers are powerful people connected to government because they are protected by soldiers," he said.

 Last month, Luttamaguzi as a matter of national importance told parliament that over 20,000 residents from five villages in Nakaseke south had been unlawfully evicted by land grabbers.

During the same debate Kadaga confirmed the reports of land grabbing in Nakaseke and asked government to take action.

"I own land in Nakaseke. I recently went there, the residents told me if I don't help them by the time I go back I would find them evicted. They said the land grabbers are big horns in government," Kadaga revealed.

The residents in their dossier penned to Kadaga complained that Byakika has reportedly taken people to guard the land in question.

"When we demand to know why Byakika fraudulently grabbed our land, Byakika says he is backed by you," part of the petition reads.

They argued that they decided to petition Kadaga to seek her indulgence on whether she is behind Byakika or not as he alleges.

The petitioners contend that in 2013 fraudsters impersonated as the said directors of the estate, forged signatures and applied for a special certificate of titles under the pretext that the duplicate certificate of title was lost.

On June, 11, 2013, the registrar of titles Bukalasa lands office in Luwero district issued a special certificate of title to the fraudsters who surveyed the land.

On December, 10, 2014, the fraudsters sold the land to Byakika at sh800m.  Ismael Lukwago, the care taker of the land reported the case at Luwero police station under reference case number 1688/2014, for obtaining registration by forgery.

The commissioner in charge of land registration in a letter dated July, 2016, ordered Byakika to return the special certificate of title over fraudulent allegations but he refused to comply with the directive.

Efforts to get a comment from Kadaga were futile but Chris Obore, the parliament director communication and public affairs refuted Kadaga’s involvement in the land saga. 

"Kadaga has never ordered Byakika to transact any land deal on her behalf. Kadaga has never bought any land in Wobulenzi or intimidated the public with an intention of grabbing land," he said.

Obore said using the speakers name in dubious businesses by any member of the house is a criminal matter.

Asked what actions will be instituted against Byakika if found to have used Kadaga’s name, Obore said, "It was too early to decide until Kadaga reads the petition."

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