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Engineer held over killing his wife

By Francis Emorut

Added 21st April 2017 07:51 AM

Daniel Obalim Olaka allegedly murdered his wife following a domestic brawl at their residence in Jolo quarters, Layibi Division in Gulu municipality.

Suzan Atto pictured in her office in Nwoya district on Sept 11, 2016 was murdered by her husband, a civil engineer following domestic violence in their residence in Gulu. Photos by Francis Emorut

A community worker in Nwoya district has been strangled to death by allegedly her husband, a civil engineer at their home in Gulu town.

Daniel Obalim Olaka allegedly murdered his wife following a domestic brawl at their residence in Jolo quarters, Layibi Division in Gulu municipality. 

According to an eye witness, the couple developed a quarrel which became tense forcing the deceased to call her relatives to calm down the situation.

Suzan Atto was working with Forum for Community Transformation (FCT), a Community Based Organization (CBO) involved in defending women's land rights in northern Uganda.

"After the relatives calmed them down the couple entered to their bedroom and started to fight," an eye witness said.

The witness said after the suspect committed the offence, he decided to report himself to Police.

When contacted for a comment Gulu DPC Martin Okoyo referred the New Vision to officer in charge of Gulu Police station, James Asubu who confirmed that the suspect reported himself to the Police and he is in their custody.

"The man came by himself and we received him and we are going to charge him with murder," Asubu told New Vision.

Asubu said Atto was pronounced dead at 11.30am on arrival to Gulu referral hospital due to domestic violence.

 uzan tto pictured addressing community in woya district on ay 11 2016 Suzan Atto pictured addressing community in Nwoya district on May 11, 2016.

Asked about the post-mortem report, Asubu declined to divulge any details saying the report would be presented to court.

"The details will be for court," he said.

However, an eye witness who declined to give his name said the suspect might have used a big object to hit at the neck of the late because it's somehow twisted.

When asked about the suspect being a civil engineer Asubu said that is how the 40 -year-old called himself and the Police are yet to verify it.

The death of Atto who was in her early 30s sent shock waves among the relatives and the people who knew her.

She is survived by two children aged between 2 and 5, both female.

"Her death was so painful. It was shocking news and the pain is too much," Gladesh Ayol a, sister to the deceased said.

Ayol who works with Watoto Church in Gulu described Atto as a humble lady.

"Suzan was hardworking, committed and devoted herself to defend the rights of women that's why her death was shock to me," Julius Odong ,the coordinator of FCT said.

"It's so devastating, she was very passionate working with energy," Stephen Ojumbo ,the executive director of Need Africa said.

Atto will be buried Friday at her parents’ home in Ayitakona village, Patunda parish in Omoro district.

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