Kasekende challenges journalists on integrity

Apr 13, 2017

Kasekende observed that integrity is the foundation on which media success in Uganda has been built in the last 20 years.

Deputy governor of Bank of Uganda, Louis Kasekende. Photo/Wilfred Sanya

The deputy governor of Bank of Uganda, Louis Kasekende has advised journalists in Uganda against accepting to compromise their integrity.

Kasekende observed that integrity is the foundation on which media success in Uganda has been built in the last 20 years.

He made the remarks while speaking at the 2017 national media award ceremony at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala.

Kasekende said, "Guard your integrity against selfish individuals and groups such that it is not detrimental to your profession."

He noted that good integrity among journalists could inspire young Ugandans to join the industry which may in turn result into its growth.

The Bank of Uganda official also tasked business journalists to emphasise the essentials of business and economic journalism in their stories.

"The public expects objective and analytical reporting of facts about the economy in your stories. The journalists should tell the public what inflation is in the country and which company has made profits," Kasekende said. 

He also observed that by feeding the public on useful economic content in the media, Ugandans will make useful decision on where to invest their moneys.

"But I am always surprised that only a few people in Uganda know about treasury bills as opposed to buying a bodaboda and taxi," Kasekende said.

He urged business journalists to use their analytical skills to synthesize complicated economic issues for the public. "I have been challenged by my colleagues who listen to the messages the Governor of Bank of Uganda reads. They always ask me how many people understand what he (the governor) reads but we leave it to you the journalist to make sure that you break it down for the common person," he said. 

But he noted that journalists can only do a fair job if they have got a grasp of economic issues.  "As Bank of Uganda, we shall endeavour to provide key messages in sound bite," he said adding: "I want to thank some the local media platforms for interpreting these issues for the local person."

Kasekende also urged local business journalists to borrow a leaf from the excellent way the media in the US has presented President Trump's trade policy to US citizens and outsiders. "But in Uganda, the ‘Buy Uganda, Build Uganda' policy government launched recently has not received critical analysis from the media," he noted.

Kasekende said Bank of Uganda will always be ready to explain to the public its monetary policy and guide them on inflation. He said that Bank has revamped its communication department to support communication of its policies. He asked the department's head, Christine Alupo to stand up for the journalists to see her.

The awards organized by the African Center for Media excellence saw 20 top notch journalists scoop awards in different categories for good stories in 2016.

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