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Information about Standard Gauge Railway

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Notice from Ministry Works transport and communication

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Notice from Ministry Works transport and communication

The Government of Uganda has put emphasis on infrastructure development in order to achieve the aspirations of Ugandans as enshrined in the Uganda Vision 2040.

Infrastructure development is primarily meant to provide a conducive investment climate thus attracting large foreign direct investment especially in heavy industries and services so as to reverse the large trade imbalance due to limited exports.

It is important to know that there is worldwide competition of attracting investors by different countries, it is imperative that our investment climate is competitive at global stage.

These investors must be assured of reliable, cheap and adequate transport services to the high end markets. Standard Gauge Railway as a back bone of transport infrastructure must provide a transport service for export and import that is comparable to other services in other countries in terms of quality, cost and reliability.

Regional countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda South Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia are at different stages of developing their respective railway systems in order to fully participate in international global trade and production.

Uganda’s strategic geographical positioning, puts it at the heart of the East and Central Africa logistics chain and can evacuate its products through the ports of Djibouti, Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam among others.

However, due to many factors, the port of Mombasa in Kenya and the port of Dar As Salaam in Tanzania are anchor points for two transport routes—the Northern Corridor and the Central Corridor—both crucial for the domestic, regional, and international trade of fi ve Eastern African countries.

Northern Corridor is the busiest and most important transport route in East and Central Africa, providing a gateway through Kenya to the landlocked economies of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DR Congo. It also serves Southern Sudan.

Uganda in Particular has planned to develop 1724Km of SGR network in a phased manner starting with the Malaba-Kampala SGR route (273km) CLICK HERE FOR MORE



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