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A little known company called Nilotic is helping to empower Ugandan Women and Communities using Shea Fruit Butter from the West Nile

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A little known company called Nilotic is helping to empower Ugandan Women and Communities using Shea Fruit Butter from the West Nile




An enterprise founded by Ugandan farmers, Women Empowerment enthusiasts and skincare connoisseurs from the US and UK is starting to cause a stir within the Skincare industry in the United States. Nilotic, named after the peoples and region where our beloved Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter originates, is everything that you wouldn’t expect in a cosmetics or skincare brand.

For one, they eat a spoonful of each skin cream batch before it gets packaged to prove that it is non toxic and safe for all ages and skin types. On top of this, Nilotic package in 100% sustainably sourced Bamboo wood rather than plastic, as they affirm that plastic is potential hazardous and non-biodegradable.

Nilotic skincare use Shea Fruit Butter from Uganda to create chemical free, certified vegan & 100% pure skincare lines that will generate money to send disadvantaged children to school in Kampala, and plant 3 trees for nutritional empowerment, community empowerment and environmental protection. Nilotic also held its first ever Women Empowerment workshop for women in the Skincare, Hair care and Agricultural sectors. 


Nilotic’s goals are different to the conventional company.

Rather than making a profit, its core targets are to: (1) Make Skincare safe again, (2) Empower Women & Communities in Uganda, (3) Make sure every Ugandan child has the opportunity to go to School, and (4) Be the pipe for local Ugandan businesses hoping to do the same.


mpowering omen and ommunities in ganda  Empowering Women and Communities in Uganda


In November 2016, Nilotic held the first ever Women Empowerment Workshop for Women tied to the Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter life cycle at the Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi. This was attended by women from various backgrounds including retail, politics, economics, farming, commerce, fitness and law.

Speakers on the day included Mrs Victoria Sekotoleko (former minister of Agriculture), Mrs Margarat Laloya (Nilotic Fruit Butter Connoisseur) Meg Jacquay (VP American Chamber of Commerce), Edward Wilson (President Shelford Company Ltd), Queenie Adriko & Carol Masaba (AEE Uganda), Krishna Murty (Co-Founder, Agri-Living Ltd), Nakumatt Management, Bhavisha Gheewala (Kannagara Lifestyle Coach) and Jana Jochmanova (Nutritionalist).

The results were magnificent, it was a great place to network and brainstorm ideas to move agriculture for skincare forward and bring women empowerment issues to surface. Nilotic is now planning a second workshop in 2017 following the successful launch of our beloved Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter in the United States and United Kingdom.

he first ever omen mpowerment orkshop for omen tied to the ilotic hea ruit utter life cycle at the ilver prings otel in ugolobiThe first ever Women Empowerment Workshop for Women tied to the Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter life cycle at the Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi


After the workshop, Nilotic travelled to the West Nile with AEE Church of Uganda and Award Winning Ugandan Short Film Director, ‘Nes’ Stanley Nsamba of GhettoFilmProject, to document the challenges of the women producing Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter. Nilotic also held a review session with the women before the launch of their forthcoming skincare range, the Nilotic Creme collection. Nilotic skincare short films will be available to view at from April 2017.


Following the tremendous success of the journey to the West Nile, Nilotic teamed up with Nes to work through a ‘Red List’ of children currently unable to attend school in the Naguru district of Kampala. For each and every order made for Nilotic products around the world, one child is randomly picked from the Red List to receive at least 3 weeks of school fees from the purchase.

But it doesn’t stop there, each product contains a scannable ‘QR code’, which once scanned on your phone, allows you to see the details of the child you have provided school fees for.  Nilotic Fruit Butter, also known as Shea Butter Nilotica by the American Shea Butter Institute, is being introduced to the United States and Europe in its purest and most nutrient rich form.

Derived from the Vitellaria Nilotica (or Shea Fruit) tree in the West Nile of Uganda, along the Nile Valley, the fruit from the tree can take 50 years to bear fruit before it is processed into Nilotic Fruit Butter. Up until now, America, Europe and Asia have only seen West African Shea Butter, which is less nutritious, less smooth, slower absorbing and smellier than Nilotic Fruit Butter from the West Nile.


“Nilotic is revolutionary and the future of safe skincare. We were born to help empower Ugandan communities and since the products have hit US shores they have only received very positive feedback. Rather than being tested in a lab like 100% of skincare in the marketplace, Nilotic is proven over generations of use by Ugandan families with no negative feedback.

The social causes are key here; we don’t want to be like a French cosmetics company that just takes and never gives. We give more than we take because we want to set the right example for the future” Says Mr Krishan Mamtora, a Director at Nilotic USA More information about Nilotic can be found at

For partnership or sponsorship opportunities, they can be contacted at









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