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Rugby: Women's U19 league plagued by no-shows

By Faith Kiai

Added 21st March 2017 04:50 PM

There is a lack of sponsorship in the women’s game

The Under 19 Women’s Rugby League just like the seniors league has been known for countless walkovers handed out.

Kyadondo Eagles were supposed to make the trip to face the Mbale Eagles but the latter didn’t show up for the match.

“The Eagles coach made it known she felt honouring that fixture was pointless considering the Mbale team hardly honours any fixtures” Kyadondo Eagles coach Dorothy Nekesa said of the snub.

“They haven’t honoured any of their fixtures so it doesn’t make sense for us to travel to Mbale for the match. We don’t think they exist and we are consulting the union in any case about the issue” she added.

In light of Nekesa’s statements Mbale coach Bernard Wekhola had a different take on the issue.

“Actually we travelled to Kyadondo in January but that match was called a walkover because we didn’t arrive on time. We got issues from Mukono because of a traffic jam but we did communicate about the problem,” Wekhola remarked.

He also admitted one other failed attempt to travel to Jinja which he blamed on the taxi driver who he says made off with their money.

Wekhola also said most teams are also culpable for not making the Mbale trip. He also pointed out how teams in the U 19 league are unprepared.

“These teams also never travel to Mbale for the fixtures. Baby Panthers along with Kyadondo didn’t come for their matches. Entebbe asked for a postponement I think I will be talking to Abel Chadribo. In a nutshell teams were not ready for this league,” he said.

Abel Chadribo who is responsible for women’s rugby development in Uganda, pointed out a few things like the lack of sponsorship in the women’s game as concern.

“You see most of these women’s team are owned by individuals which puts a strain on travel arrangements. We are trying hard to bring some sponsors into the women’s game so that way we are able to help shoulder some of the travel bills,” Chadribo said.

He also made it known that they would meet on Tuesday so that Mbale Eagles matter is resolved.

“Mbale is new to the league but we are going to meet and come to a more desirable conclusion about the situation,” Chadribo promised.

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