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Kaweesi driver laid to rest in Mbale

By Paul Watala

Added 20th March 2017 07:31 PM

Mambewa was given a three gun salute before being laid to rest at father home in Namunsi, Nakaloke sub-county, Mbale district.

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The driver of the late AIGP Andrew Kaweesi Constable Godfrey Mambewa has been given gun salute during burial. The IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura described him as having been a young promising disciplined and dedicated officer to the service his nation.

Mambewa was given a three gun salute before being laid to rest at his father's home in Namunsi. He was 35 and is survived by a widow and three children.


The IGP, who was represented by AIGP Ahanmmad Wafuba, said: “It’s painful to the Police as an institution, country and family, but let me pay condolences. This young officer has been hardworking and disciplined. Allow me to salute this great man who served the country for a short time.”

Kayihura was pleased to note that the officers with guidance from Kaweesi supported the youth during the walk to work by telling them to abandon the acts.

He said that it was because of his dedication, discipline and trust that he was given the opportunity to be the official driver of AIGP.

Earlier on, the LC5 councillor representing Nakaloke sub-county, Mike Kisolo, informed mourners that Mambewa played a leading role in making the country know that even easterners can be trusted to drive an officer of high profile.

The mother to the late Margaret Wabala described her son as humble.

“My son has been humble and a good listener and that is why AIGP spotted  him and has been working with him right from the training school up to his death.”    






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